Chicago Report - Sept. 2021

Your Maxwell Street Polish, sir:


Huge bummer about Publican! The photos you shared don’t look at all like what I would have expected given our previous great experiences there - the kitchen has obviously slipped. Glad you had some other great meals to make up for it!


The raw oysters and the prawns in a paellera look amazing. I am sure that you had a wonderful time and enjoyed tremendously.

The only 5 cities that we had been to in the Usa, were Manhattan, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago and San Francisco. We liked Chicago and particularly the Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture.


What an appealing argument for following in Maria Carmen’s footsteps.


more bafflement.

it also looks like he replaced the previous Executive Chef in 2017.

STILL, Kahan has so much cred! still baffled.


Indeed, more bafflement. I ate there in April or May 2017, when Cosmo Goss helmed the kitchen.

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What is the best strategy for Au Cheval? There are 4 of us including 2 kids. We all love burgers and we’ve never had the Au Cheval.

Do we just wait in line at 11am? Any days of the week or times that are best? We are there from Saturday to Thursday.

I’ve heard other people say put your name in line and go to a nearby bar until you’re called/texted back for seats but that might not work with the kids.

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The one time I went we got in line about 10 minutes before they opened and got right in, on a weekday, but it did fill up pretty soon thereafter. With 4 you should be able to snag one of the booths.


Truly sad for the Executive Chef and the G.M.

I am sure that they both did not realise the seriousness of this incident and that it could have caused them both to lose their jobs.

Good article … Thank you for posting.

My question, too! Why wouldn’t you go there? I think the greatest cities in the U.S. are NY, Chicago, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Maybe Boston, and Portland, OR, are also worth seeing.

As I said above, there are limits to available time, money, and patience to go in and out of airports. I hope we can get to Manhattan and Boston this year.

Thanks for your report! It’s close to a year ago now. Any updates from anyone on how these places are now, beyond what’s already in the thread? There are two things I’m thinking about, though: my girlfriend and I generally hate raw shellfish (except for uni, go figure), and anyplace that’s not outdoors or at least with its entire front open and a breeze blowing through would have to be takeout for me and my girlfriend.

By the way, as a New Yorker who’s done a fair amount of international travel and less domestic travel, I couldn’t agree more that Chicago is a great city, and therefore, I’m happy to be able to go back this summer for the first time since 1997, take my girlfriend with me and stay for 10 days (4 of them at a conference but still 6 following that) to be able to get more out of my trip than from my previous two trips to the Windy City.


there are (or were) a lot of places with seating outside, so hopefully that’s still the case. Jalea had basically floor-to-ceiling windows that were wide open both times we were there and we sat very near them, at the bar.

Hope you enjoy!


Thank you! I look forward to it. The other two times I was in Chicago (1988 and 1997), I ate great there.

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