Caribbean Flavor, brand new in freehold nj


@corvette_johnny We haven’t been to Norah’s since the summer so can’t comment on the current state of the food. We usually go for the roti.

@seal I’m not sure if your having better, fresher doubles is a good thing or a bad thing. I wonder if there is a way to be assured one is getting freshly made bread. It would really irk me if I got soggy doubles knowing they can be better.

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I personally think Norah’s is pretty meh. The place gets a lot of hype but I think they’re probably the worst of the Jamaican places in our area. Just my 2c.

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Ha!! Too funny!! My wife and I like to consider ourselves a charming couple and we went there on Saturday with a rather cantankerous local. Hey------Wait a minute…that was YOU???

So here are my thoughts even though nobody asked for them and I was left nameless in @seals post. I am not very familiar with caribean food etc. however I did enjoy the doubles. Very much so as a matter of fact and as seal mentioned we did get some “fresh” ones as we actually had to wait for them to try it. I did find them slightly soggy though, however I attributed it to being wrapped in wax paper for the ride home. (similar to Five Guy’s Burgers, when they take them directly off the grill and wrap them up, by the time you get home the bun and lettuce etc. is all wilted and steamed together from the heat. I think my double suffered a similar fate) HOWEVER at $2.00 a pop, I can tolerate a little sog, the flavor was excellent and I did enjoy it.

The wings I enjoyed even more because they were fried first and then coated with sauce. I prefer a good friend wing with a little underlying crunch vs. a baked wing. Just my personal preference and why one of my favorite wings is at Houlihans. (FYI Eatontown closed)

All else said my first experience was an enjoyable one, including the jerk I had with me. (yes that’s another jab at seal)

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I agree that there isn’t enough Caribbean food. Along with Filipino, very underrepresented in a state that has pockets of many populations all over the place. I have to give this place a try.

Side note: a co-worker of mine heard of a Jamaican place which just opened on Route 35 in South Amboy (next to Video FliXXX-- not that I would know…just a point of reference!!). But cannot find name or website anywhere. This is easier for me to get to than Freehold and am curious to see if it actually exists.


I just love their roti. It’s more Trinidadian style made with ground lentils. I’ve tried to make them and just don’t have it down yet.


I will see if I can get into on that new Jamaican place.

As for Filipino food, the closest to us is in neptune. I’ve never been but @joonjoon has been and written some things on it.

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Yes the place in Neptune is good, I don’t recall the name but I do enjoy going there every now and then.

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My ex was Filipino. Took me to three different places over the years, from Colonia to Jersey City. I loved them all. There should be more of them. The flavors and textures are what Americans love, but for some reason, most are scared.


Do you know the ferry from Atlantic highlands to jc is only 12 each way? (At least last season it was. It is subsidized by the state)

I might have to do a JC food crawl soon. With this warm weather I’m looking to get out and explore some new things.


That place has been on my radar for a while. I’ll give it a shot soon

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Didn’t know that, and I work in Atlantic Highlands.

If you want to check them out, Max’s Restaurant (a chain-like feel with a mix of authentic and Americanized dishes, and a bar) and Fiesta Grill (authentic, Cafeteria-like, greasy spoon where you will be the only white guy in the place LOL) are both amazing.


Some pics from a friend of a friend. This is vegetarian and I think he is vegan


Well this place shut down for a little but I believe that was for renovations. They are now back up and have seating. I still haven’t been but it is good to see something a little ethnic and “outside the box” hanging in there. Hopefully they are thriving. Some pics from my friend who lives in Manalapan

@seal @BossaNova @marlboroman

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Great pics! Looks like they raised all the prices to pay for the reno. Doubles were $2 before and are now $2.50 - that is a 25% hike. Still, three for $7.50 is a good value for lunch.


I wouldn’t know the prices since I haven’t been, but from my experience, this is a common restaurant practice. They get people in, then shortly after they raise prices. They also will give much heartier portions when they first open up. So I definitely believe you :slight_smile:

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OK. Went for an early supper and I’m not quite as happy as before. The doubles were not as stuffed as they were the last time. The whole snapper had some good flavor but was small and bony. The jerk wings weren’t nearly done enough to put some char on the skin and the sauce was straight out of Walkerwood. So, all in all, not a great experience.


How much was the snapper?

Prices of the red snapper are high. I paid 45 for a 3lb at Siam garden a little while back. The ones at Kuna Siam are 24 I think. They are decent sized but with snapper you have to pay to play now it seems. The good part is you know it is a red snapper when you get the whole fish

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True true, and it was less than $14 so the place is still a bargain, and the doubles were cheap as well.


Fyi, my friend sent me a text and this spot is under new ownership. They will be serving breakfast now.

I’ve only had the jerk chicken here and I’ve been once. I wasn’t that impressed but I hope to try some other dishes soon.