Business trip NYC [Midtown] - what would Patrick Bateman love?!

I agree

Actually the younger cohort of finance is easy to find. Go to a bar of any upscale steakhouse close to the headquarters of any bulge bracket firm on a Thursday night.

Way back when I was first starting out and most banks were still located downtown. The place to be was the predecessor to the PJ Clarkes in the world financial center. For the life of me I can’t remember the name now. But it was mobbed in a way that there is nothing to compare it to now. You had ML and Lehman right above. GS, DB and SSB were close by. The retail dialer and smilers at DW were in WFC. A bunch of the Japanese banks were also in the hood. Was a crazy time.

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Moran’s. I only really remember it being a draw in the summer because of its prime waterfront location, as PJ Clarke’s was later.

That’s it. You have a much better memory than me. Or maybe it’s just long covid

Cote. Carbone. Saga. Manhatta. Crown shy. Ci Siamo. Le Rock. Zou Zou’s. Jeju Noodle Bar. Don Angie. Zaytinya. Claud. Dame. Dhamaka. Hawksmoor.

Brooklyn? Laser Wolf. Lilia. Misi. Bonnie’s.


I did mean the Rockefeller Center Sea Grill and didn’t realize it was closed (this is what you get by being out of the finance business for 8+ years).


Thanks again for the great recs. Checked them out and seems to be right on the money. Exactly the type of places I was looking for. Not sure what that says about ‘us’ , ie people in the industry… :slight_smile: But after having to sit through meetings all day in some sterile office building, one really craves some buzz, loud people, traditional interiors with lots of wood, and just chill out.

Since you’re in the industry as well, should mention I used to work on the sell side, but moved to the buy side in my mid 30s. At an asset owner now, so we are the client. We also don’t have a compliance officer (anything goes basically) but our hosts have and they veto-ed a Michelin place in London a few months ago. Hawksmoor we like a lot, were there in London a few months ago. Spent a lot of money there, probably more than if we had gone to that fancy Michelin place, but nobody cared… :slight_smile:

What beach are you refering to?

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Thanks for the tips! Balthazar I visited back then. Keens looks good. And I will have an event in the Rainbow Room actually, so will spend there a whole day I think. Not sure if dinner will be there as well though.

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I’d probably love it there! :slight_smile:

Lol seriously, it’s fun to do some different types of restaurants and vibes than what I’d usually frequent when I’m with my partner.

Oh, fer sure. Especially if one can do it on the company dime! Have at it :wink:

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I want to visit Pastis- which has been re-opened after being revamped- next time I’m in Manhattan.

Thanks for the recs. We will most likely be willing to just take a taxi and venture out of midtown. We won’t be in NY every year so we want to see some of the city as well while being there. You guys use uber? Any other taxi service I should know about?

Thanks for the tip on Hutong. I think you’re right, I wouldn’t necessarily pick European food places while in NYC but vibe would trump food here so if there is a good one I’d definitely visit.

For my days alone I want to make a separate thread to keep things nice and clean. But I’d want to do some more research then beforehand.

Thanks! Both look like sure bets so saved them in my google maps.

Great tips, thanks! Saved a bunch of them.

I was there last time when I was in NYC! I loved that area so am looking to stay there again when I’m alone. Anybody been to hotel The Moore? The Standard any good?

For the exhibitionist in you. The latest baller accommodation is Aman directly across Trump tower.

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There’s a new Ritz NoMad too.


I always take taxis in NYC. It’s part of the experience for me.

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Not finance but my CEO BIL habituates The Grill. Sadly the Picasso tapestry that used to hang in the hallway between the Grill and the Pool Room is gone.

Minetta Tavern?


Le Coucou. Minetta Tavern (haven’t been in a long time…) Not down South, but I’ll always be partial to Del Frisco. Was almost right across from my building back in the day and had many a fine expensed meal there. Oh, and Chipotle, if you’re trying to recreate the “I’m gonna eat a “healthy” lunch at the desk” vibe.

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