Burmese Food in the SF Bay Area

William Yue’s upcoming place in the Tenderloin:

I’ll add it to the list when it actually opens.

I walked by there today to see if any work had been done, and it appeared none had, though it won’t take much, just some scrubbing and fresh paint, as far as I can see. There are currently three four-tops in there, and I would guess the seating capacity could be expanded to 25 at most.

I like Mandalay, Burmese Kitchen, Little Yangon. I don’t generally get beyond the City limits, except for Little Yangon, which is a stone’s throw (and at the end of the Muni #14 line).

I read the article one more time. I am not sure even if it opens whether you will add to the list. The cuisine is pan-Asian, whatever that means.

With William Lue’s Tender Loving Food, reportedly soft opening today, my list stands at 44. Here s Jonathan Kaufman’s piece on William Lue and his Tenderloin venture:

One more for your list-- Rangoon Ruby has added a fifth location at 1000 Sixth Ave, Belmont, CA 94002, for anyone who’s interested in dumbed-down, insipid imitations of Burmese cuisine. My report–

Tender Loving Food
393 Eddy Street
@ Leavenworth St

$6 for the Burmese Tea Leaf Salad with fish sauce and dried shrimp. Delicious.
Lunch take-out is noon - 2 pm


With the addition of a Burmese food menu at BoBo Drinks Berkeley, the score is now 46. According to Hoodlines, anther branch of Burma Superstar is headed to downtown SF, which will add yet another to the total of places to try Burmese food in the SF Bay Are.

Current list is here:

I’ve added the new Pan-Asian restaurant Paparikas (by the Mnchboxx people) on Clay to the list, after discovering it serves several Burmese dishes. Current count is 47.

It’s great to see Burmese food become available in all the geographic pockets of the Bay Area. Are any of the newer restaurants offering dishes that aren’t available at, say,Mandalay? Little Yangon has a few dishes you can’t find elsewhere to my knowledge.

Also, do any places make their balata on site? Most places seem to use frozen ones, which can still taste great, especially with the right hot sauce.

Burma Bear opened recently @325 19th st, Oakland, Ca.
features BBQ meats, kale tea leaf salad, tea leaf salads, curries,.
started as a popup,went on the gird. has a branch on Haight. short hours, 11-2:30 weekdays

most entrees American, a few burmese…

Thanks. Added that one too. Despite the name, the two Burmese Bears may be the least Burmese places on my list.

Burma Superstar will be opening a downtown San Francisco location sometime soon.

Burma Bear has 3 burmese eats: Calfornia/Kale tea salad, and Curry Plate.
rest kalua pulled pork, ribs, palata and curry dip, portobello mushroom, soups not available.

eats: California tea leaf salad (4)1/2 order
-loaded with romaine lettuce, some tomato, burmese fermened tea leafs sparse, pungent when tasted. cilantro, fried peas and beans, cilantro, jalepenos also present in small amounts/

curry chicken (9)
-fresh shredded chicken in mild curry sauce, savory bean rice
-curry mildness similar to Burma food truck.

*no wow bermese eats here, just some fusion and Q.

Thanks for the list. Are there any restaurants that make the equivalent of the late, lamented Nan Yang’s Eight Treasure Bean Curd ? It was a fried milk “stick” dish. I know it’s technically a Chinese dish but of course I’ve never seen it anywhere (or maybe I’ve never thought about looking in a Chinese restaurant).

With Golden Burma (15 Boardman Place) opening “next week” according to its website (though the post is undaated), the number of Burmese restos in the Bay Area has hit 50.

Golden Burma appears to be the rebirth of Yellow Pa Taut, a previous restaurant at the same location, owned by the Eng family that also operates the Lil Burma food truck.


Ooops! I discovered I’d been overlooking Ledu Restaurant in Pacifica, a Chinese buffet with a separate Burmese menu, so the total is now up to 51.

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Golden Burma is now open, according to Yelpers, who also confirm it’s run by the Eng family.

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Tennessee Grill on Taraval has a Burmese Tea Leaf Salad on the white board dinner menu.
Has anyone tried it? We go for breakfast.

I’ve often wondered about that, since it’s owned by a Burmese woman They even advertise in the local Burmese newspaper (which you can find at Little Yangon). If they have a mohinga (catfish chowder) too, I’ll add it to the list.

Burmese Tea Leaf Salad at a place like the Tennessee Grill, now that’s an “only in San Francisco” thing. Whee else can you get a Tea Leaf Salad with your Chicken Fried steak? :slight_smile:

As we were paying our breakfast check at the cash register, I asked about mohinga… he said ‘not yet’.