Burmese Food in the SF Bay Area

Laphet at 448 Larkin Street is soon to open, permits pending. Tea tasting service offered, banquet-style dinners by William Lue.
The small dining room is quite lovely -

We had lunch today at Mandalay, for the first time(!) despite having lived in SF for 12 years. Very amiable service and delicious tea leaf salad, flatbread with curry dip, Singapore noodles, and sizzling rice soup.

Tea Leaf salad at Mandalay is a favorite because it isn’t stretched by the addition of cabbage or lettuce - the serving of fermented tea leaf is ample.


Their Nan Gyi Dok and Kaw Soi Dok Noodle Dishes are my favorite versions I have had.
Full flavored Curry with a nice balance of the Garnishes.

Got one more now in Benicia- Aung Maylika

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Thanks, I’ve updated my Bay Area Burmese list, which now stands at 49.

It’s my first update in 6 monthe – have I missed other openings or closures?

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One more Burmese restaurant update: Happy Myanmar Cafe in Daly City, which opened a year ago but I just discovered by trawling Yelp. Our list is back up to a round 50!

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Oh no. Little Yangon in Daly City is no more. In its place is the yet-to-open Mahar Yangon. Little Yangon apparently has closed for a month already according to the people working at the Filipino joint across the street.

With the opening of Experience Burma in Pleasanton and Mahar Yangon (in the former Little Yangon space), the number of Burmese Restaurants in the Bay Area stands at 52

Ledu got such high praises from Peter Lawrence Kane that I think I have to make a trip to Pacifica some time…! Anyone been?


If Ledu is somehow short for “Les Deux,” it’s probably the most unexpected pun around.

Seriously, the account of its split personality made me think of Sapphire Asian Cuisine, a Financial District Chinese steam table restaurant with a separate menu of well-rendered made-to- order Burmese classics which sadly, I just discovered, closed last April.

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Reminds me of those Mongolian places that serves sushi, either you or Hyperbowler mentioned a few weeks ago.

Mohinga at Donut Delight/Oriental Pastries - Union City

Shan Noodles at Ledu Restaurant - Pacifica

Pyay Paratha at Tharaphu Burmese Street Food - Berkeley

A Thoke (Salad) at Grocery Café - Oakland

Ohn No Khao Swe at Happy Myanmar Café - Daly City

Curries at Golden Burma - San Francisco

Danbauk (Chicken Biryani) at Burmese Kitchen - San Francisco

Platha & Dip at Burma Superstar - San Francisco

Everything on the Menu at Kyain Kyain - Fremont

Samusa Soup at Mandalay - San Francisco

Garlic Noodles (House Noodles) at YAMO - San Francisco

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Yesterday we went to Ledu Restaurant for lunch. It was ok but I would not include it in a category of best Burmese. Here is what we ate:

Shan noodles. They were ok. I think I liked them more than my husband. Very rustic tasting but lacking the complexity that would elevate them to something actually worth seeking out or including in a best of list.

Tea leaf salad. Made with iceberg lettuce and very pale hard tomatoes. The tea leaves themselves were pretty good. Considering it was made with iceberg, which I hate, the dish was not bad, but would be better made with Romain.

Chicken curry with palata. Good overall. Very cinnamon driven but lacking in heat. I like the version at Aung Maylika better.

Service was brusque and the setting is pretty drab. It seems like their main business is the Chinese buffet. The food was overall not bad- if they focused on elevating the Burmese a bit, it could evolve into something greater.

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Well, if you are in the market for a new husband…

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New place in Newark:

Hot darn those are some oily curries. Not having been to Burma, I assume that is actually how it is done over there. The goat feet soup stands out as the real unique item there.

Ah. Just saw it. That is unique indeed. I wonder how the cinnamon works in the soup. Would love to try it some time.

New joint Burma Club, from the Burmese Superstar people.

Thanks. I’ve updated my blog and spreadsheet (which I repost when i Feel it is warranted.

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