Buffalo milk soft serve @ Bi-Rite creamery (Mission, SF)

The long lines at the 18th st. Bi-Rite Creamery lead to some of the best ice cream in SF. I used to think the no-line soft serve window was a consolation prize, but a recent visit has made me reconsider.

The soft-serve window switched their base from Straus to Double-8 buffalo milk a year or so ago. I’ve only had the strawberry so far, and it was silky and fantastic. It’s an order of magnitude better than Strauss soft serve, which is great and available at lots of places including Super Duper. I wish I’d realized the switch earlier – I’ve been enjoying the Buffalo gelato from Petaluma based Double 8 for a while, especially their candy cap mushroom flavor.

Bi-Rite’s website lists which two daily flavors are in rotation.


Funny, I just had that for the first time a couple weeks ago at the Palace Market in Point Reyes. It was great.

I get the gelato (not soft serve) whenever I’m in Point Reyes— most shops, including Marin Sun Farms have the pint containers! I’ve seen it in Bi-Rite market and Market Hall in Oakland. They only list restaurants that serve it on their website.

Thank you for that reminder about the gelato being avbl at Market Hall. The fior de latte (sp) gelato remains a strong craving even though it’s been 2 yrs or so since I had it at Marin Sun Farms on the rec of our server. Think I’ll as Good Eggs about offering it – it’s hard for me to go out to shop in person.

Oh, you meant they have soft serve in the Palace Market! Thanks for the tip-- they’ve got chocolate and vanilla.

Apparently double 8 soft serve is also at Tartine’s Manufactory

Cheese Plus has pints of the Double 8.
2001 Polk St. , SF

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Bi-Rite’s website is not accurate. Today was supposed to be salted caramel and coffee, and it turned out to be salted caramel and peanut butter, about which I was less than enthused. ($4 small, $5 large, and no mention of double twist in the signage; if they ever have two flavours together I want, I suppose I can ask.)

I had the Double 8 Fior di Latte soft serve gelato at Gott’s Roadside soft serve take out window in the Ferry Building a few months back and was also impressed with the texture and flavor.

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I listened to this earlier in the week … someone needs to enlighten these guys
unless we still don’t have anyone using buffalo milk to make traditional ice cream here
I don’t know … these two are just not a barrel of laughs … they take themselves
way too seriously
full disclosure I’m not a fan of their ice cream


That’s my favorite. I can’t get easily to Market Hall in Oakland – my closest retail source. I asked Good Eggs if they could get it and they said they had tried but Double 8 Dairy wasn’t interested. I keep hoping.

How does Bi-Rite’s soft serve compare to the one at Cheeseboard?