British and Irish food in [Toronto] and the Greater Toronto Area, 2024

Donna’s had a Full English breakfast special on Saturday, March 23rd. I’m hoping this might become a regular item on their menu. It isn’t listed on their menu.

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The Dorset at at the Well on IG

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Had an outstanding fish & chips at Barnsteiners in midtown/Yonge & St Clair.

Went for a Rosedale > Summerhill neighborhood night out on Friday (much love to Le Tigre & Boxcar for drinks along the way!) and ended up here - first time and was really impressed with service, ambiance, and value (1 piece fish & chips with coleslaw pictured for $19).


O&B emailed a discount code of 20% off menu price for dine-in bookings, thought I’d share after remembering you mention it.

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How are the fish and chips at St Andrew’s in Scarborough? Is their haggis worth having too?

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for sharing have walked by his spot a few times always wondered how’s their food. Will try them sooner rather than later

I wouldn’t recommend St. Andrews. My east end go-to is High Street Fish & Chips. What isn’t made in-house like the bread is well-sourced.


Many thanks for the recommendation. I will let mr leny know.

Many Many Many thanks for recommeding High Street. mr leny really enjoyed his haddock and chips. He was sweet enough to bring home mushy peas for me (yes vegetarian wife :rofl:) and it was defintely better than St Andrew’s. He did like St Andrew’s chips better though.

Any other recommendations in the GTA? He’s been to Amy’s in Richmond Hill.

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