Boston restaurants opening and closings- Fall 2015

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The thread has become a bit difficult to read. So I am splitting off the comments for each individual establishment to its own thread.

Please feel free to use the ‘Reply as Linked Topic’ when commenting on opening/ closing of restaurants. Thanks.

Creating all these individual threads really seems to have cluttered up this board and pushed active discussions below the fold. How about having monthly threads for openings and closings? That will keep things more manageable than a quarterly thread while keeping the board from becoming cluttered by individual threads, many of which may be dormant until someone tried the new place and reports back. Some of the threads broken out are dupes of other more populated threads already active on the board. It’s confusing. For example:

You are right. I was solving for the readability of the thread (especially when the quote reply function is not used). and it seems like I’ve created a whole new set of problems. But yes I agree with you a thread per restaurant, especially those with only a reply or two seems to be excessive.

I bumped the active discussions within the last 7 days. Let me get back with more thoughts tonight. If you see duplicates, please flag. Thanks for the feedback.

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Agree with Uni. I think a lot of us are used to sort of scanning through the Openings/closings thread even if it is a bit messy.

I sort of like the massive monthly openings/closings list as its own giant entity too, fwiw

In that case, for future opening/ closing thread, I will leave the format as-is (before I separated the fall thread) unless there is a substantial discussion about a specific establishment that merits its own discussion.

To make it easier to follow given the thread is talking about many places concurrently, I’d highly recommend the quote reply function:

I’ll leave the broken out threads created yesterday in place- because the forum software is not great in folding threads back to one thread.

If nothing else, the McKinnon’s thread needed to be broken out anyway; I should’ve made it its own thread rather than report a grocery store closing in the restaurant thread.

sounds good. probably makes more sense to do these month-by-month too, instead of seasonally. That would probably cut down the clutter.

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