Boston area dim sum

Thanks! Will have to give this a try sometime.

They’re open weekdays, too!

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I don’t remember the steamed sticky rice rolls, and I love sticky rice as much as I’m bored by all other kinds of rice. Were they on the dim sum menu or the other menu? Do you have any more information on them?

I mentioned sticky rice in lotus leaf, not “rolls”. This was a tasty version of the old standard – sticky rice enclosing chopped chicken, sausage, etc., and steamed in a lotus leaf wrapper.

But for a new take on this, see my post that immediately follows.

More dim sum taken out from Winsor yesterday, many old favorites mentioned up thread but one outstanding new one. It’s called pan-fried chicken sticky rice and is on the Special Snacks section. This is essentially the sticky-rice encased chicken & sausage filling of the version usually steamed in a lotus leaf wrapper, but flattened here into a patty and griddled till crunchy on both sides then topped with a hard-fried egg. I recommend it highly.


Prices have kept me away since after the pandemic, but I’ve enjoyed their 蛋煎糯米鸡 (pan fried sticky rice with egg) for many years previously. I had not realized the connection to the lotus leaf wrapped version until now. I like that, but I love the pan fried version.

I guess it must have been someone else talking about a sticky rice roll. Google only found a donut stick wrapped in sticky rice, not whatever the other post was about.

No, you read it right – I was curious about those sticky rice rolls too. But the pan-fried sticky rice sounds even more interesting – I haven’t seen it yet (or maybe i haven’t “seen” it and it’s been there all along, but I usually do a phone order of familiar favorites, dash in, and run out) but will have to explore next time.

These are the things I was and still am curious about.

The pan fried sticky rice has been there since at least 2011, according to the photo on my phone. Phone cameras are better now.

What’s the wrapper? Egg? (ETA not on the menu that i can see anyway)

Ah yes, two different posts. The sticky rice rolls were as I describe them in one of the posts.

If those are the same as I had a few days ago, the inner wrapper was sticky rice, with egg on top.

ETA: They haven’t had a pictorial menu in years. The version I had is listed, as I said, under Special Snacks.

Oh, I see now: The pictorial menu is from the Quincy location while I (and probably @KWagle) were talking about Chinatown.

ETA: Here’s a Chinatown menu that seems to match the paper one I have.

A subsequent post I’d made yesterday seemed to have gone missing – but it has now popped up, so this present post was unnecessary and I’ve deleted it.

I will occasionally do Winsor dim sum for dinner from Quincy. They are quick and generally very consistent with their quality of food. One of my favorites of theirs is the Crispy Fried Bean Curd Sheet roll. It’s vegetarian dish and the filling is a mixture of bamboo shoots, wood ear fungus and I think kohlrabi. It can be a bit oily, so a quick pat with paper towels helps a lot, but I love the texture of the thinly crispy of the bean curd sheet and the mix of soft with a mild crunch in the filling.


If you’re referring to my photo, it’s sticky rice filling with the usual bits of Chinese sausage inside an egg coating. I’m not sure how they make them, since it’s a fair amount of egg.

Any update to China Pearl’s reopen in downtown Boston? It’s a familiar place for me, maybe not the best Dim Sum, but it was my virgin experience with tiny dishes on rolling carts. You never forget the first time. ;-).

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There’s this:

On the CP website is says that it will reopen in early 2024. I agree that in the past their dim sum wasn’t always the best, but when they started to make things to order early in the pandemic (and bring takeout to your car) the quality unsurprisingly shot up. In this period they gave Winsor a run for its money.