Bhel Puri

That looks great! Not sure my attempt will look that good but I’ll give it a try.

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I’m also a big fan of bhel puri and, in particular, the version at my favourite Indian restaurant - which specialises in Mumbai street food.

I’ve never made it from scratch and, like others, buy a ready mix of the puffed rice, etc, (Haldiram brand) to which I add cooked potato and a bottled bhel puri sauce (Mother’s brand)


We make ours the same way as @gcaggiano. My theory is let the experts do what they do best and take advantage of them. Then I have the time to make things I can’t buy easily.


Most of the time I just serve in a bowl! But I had the time to be fancy, so why not.


Hi @digga @gcaggiano — thanks for thinking of me…:slight_smile:

All good, just been very overwhelmed with real life.

I’ve stopped in to read a bit here and there, but it’s been weirdly hard to contribute.

I’ll be back, though…


Hi @grumpyspatient

My advice on bhel to folks who don’t stock an indian pantry is to buy a Bhel Kit — I suggested the same back here in this old post.

The kits come with the dry mix and a couple of small packets of chutney.

You need to add minced onion and cubed boiled potato to really make it bhel.

The reliable brands I know that make these types of kits are Haldirams, Swad, and Deep — but there are others too.

Once you’re comfortable you’ll be making this often, you can buy the individual components (I keep mamra/puffed rice, fine sev, puris, and the various chutneys - though I do sometimes cheat on those as I said in the post linked above).

(Every once in a while, I’ll come across a bottle labeled “Bhel Chutney” which combines the component chutneys — I have been known to stockpile it…)


The Haldirams available in the UK doesnt come with chutney - it’s just the dry mix.

There are multiple versions from Haldirams in the US — the one without chutneys is what they always sold, they later added the chutney version to compete with the kits.

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Thank you for posting, I didn’t get a hit when I searched earlier but I think I searched bhel puri.
I will look for the kits in my travels.

After reading @Saregama’s recommendations I had to check the kit I have. Lo and behold it is a Haldirams. It contains an envelope with seasoning that you mix with water but I always have a jar of the Swad on hand as I like it better. I use the dry seasoning mixed in and drizzle the Swad on top.

I am probably a heretic but I don’t always include potatoes as we sometimes decide to mix-up a batch at the last minute and don’t want to wait around for the potatoes to cook.


I hear you. Our little family of 3 got Covid a few weeks ago (we barely had any symptoms) along with other life events going on/work ramping up. But now we feel super-immune (adults are boosted and SO has the Pfizer 2-shot deal, which might be lame, according to new data…but we don’t regret getting him vaccinated). Anyway, great to see you here in any shape or form.


Me too.

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The one we have enjoyed does not have potatoes either, and I am not sure that would add anything to the dish.

It’s a texture thing and I would always prefer to have potato - it’s just sometimes, I can’t be arsed to cook them.

This is when I use the microwave — it isn’t bhel to me without potatoes!

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Duh! I can’t believe I never thought of using the microwave! Now I just have to keep potatoes on hand at all times.

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Hello @grumpyspatient
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We frequently receive praise for our food. The Bhel is of our best-sellers.
You can come in any time and have a discussion with our chefs to attain the authentic recipe of Bhel.

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After reading some of these additional responses, I cannot recall ever having potatoes in Bhel Puri that I’ve had at a restaurant (namely Neelam and Bollywood Tadka).

I’m honestly shocked that they are included at all! Thanks for the info. Ya really do learn something new every day.

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I’ve had Bhel Puri many times but don’t recall it ever having potatoes. I thought that I might be doing it wrong, so did a bit of research ( found the Wikipedia page). The potatoes may be a Northern Indian thing. I’ve always associated it with Mumbai.

I don’t fully trust Wikipedia but on the potato point at least there is a citation, though obviously that might not mean much.

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