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I give the nod to J Gilbert, Glastonbury. Great piece of prime meat (strip, of course), wood fired, nice crust on the outside, cooked to order on the inside, reasonable pricing, attentive service and they even give you a side or two unlike the others. Comfortable bar and bar menu/apps as well.

Feel free to mention your own goto steak joint

Disclosure- I have never rec’d a free meal at J Gilbert , and am not schilling my website here

BB, amused you have returned to First Person p.o.v. 3rd Person did seem derivative.

I agree, this can be a juicy HO thread, especially for the carnivores among us. Alas, CT seems to have a paucity of good steakhouses. Joseph’s is over-rated as is Blackstones. The Capital Grille and Ruth Chris are chains and more about marketing. Flemings is a cut above, and I hear good things about David Burke in the upstate casino. Have not tried J Gilbert, but will definitely give it a try.

My vote for the best is Gabriel’s Italian Steakhouse in Greenwich. Though it is often dismissed as a see and be seen celebrity hangout, Gabriel’s fine kitchen serves up a 28 oz. bone in Ribeye that is succulent, tender, and prepared to temperature. Add the floor show provided by Tony Capasso, the celebrated maître d, with his table side trivia quiz, and the experience as well as the steak sizzles.

Celeb hangout? Very interesting. May be worth a visit

Early on as Tollgate Steakhouse in Bridgeport, they were quite good. Peter Lugar alumni, of course. Now as Joseph’s it may have changed. Have not been there in years. Does Char in Byram qualify for this discussion?

Sure why not, just really a part of Greenwich. There was some sort of Tollgate/Ganim connection if I remember, surprised Testa allowed Josephs to open

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