Best steak in GTA

Hi, just moved into town. Looked through various threads and couldn’t find any discussions around best steak in GTA.

We come from the US across several different cities (NYC, Houston, Boston, etc).

Even if it turns out not as good, would still love to know where to go for a great steak. As different steakhouses have different cuts of steak they are known for, please also let us know which cut is best at the recommended spots.

Thank you very much!!

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I’d say Barberian’s for me. Ribeye. Old fashioned steakhouse.

Jacobs & Co is good but I haven’t been in a long time, and I’m kind of avoiding it due to management style (as in not paying the little guys on time).

I’ve not been to Harbour 60, which tends to be an expense account steakhouse.
I haven’t tried STK.

In the burbs, Octagon and Le Castile continue the old school steakhouse tradition.

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Had a really good overall experience and bone-in striploin (Canadian Prime I believe) bathed in a very savoury demi-glace at Prime Seafood Palace. The steaks were cooked over a live wood fire vs. the screaming hot broiler that a more typical steak house would use. They also have a porterhouse to share that I think would be great as well.


Stock Bar is the only place I’ve been to during the pandemic that has a focus on steak, as we have only been eating on patios. Because Cumbrae’s is involved, the meat will likely be good and well-raised. The steak frites we had was a top sirloin cut and was tasty, juicy, and at the medium rare we asked for.

Pre-pandemic, we occasionally went to steakhouses. Jacobs & Co was the best experience, but like Phoenikia mentioned, we won’t patronize them anymore due to how the management mistreats suppliers and employees. Barberian’s is very old school and was disappointing on our visit - the steak itself (can’t remember the cut) was underseasoned and overcooked. BlueBlood was pretty good, but quite pricey. We split a 40 oz Canadian porterhouse (better value this way) from Alberta that was appropriately cooked and well-seasoned.

I know The Keg is a chain, but they do a pretty decent job for the money. They are reliable - I’ve been to 3 locations in Toronto (York St., Yonge & Eglinton, Leslie St.) and they were all comparable. Ruth’s Chris, another chain, did a decent job the one time I was there years ago. They even provided a halal steak (preordered) for my friend.


Barberian’s is my favourite. Well-aged steaks with a good amount of char from the grill. New York Striploin is my preferred cut. The wine cellar may be the city’s best, if that matters to you.

I also like Hy’s, partly for the show — Caesar salads, steak Diane, bananas Foster are all prepared tableside.

I admit I haven’t been to a number of places already mentioned here (Harbour Sixty, Blueblood, Prime Seafood Palace) — too expensive for me.


Ruth’s Chris uses USFDA for meat. Very nice stuff.

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Although we appreciate the quality of USFDA, we have really liked beef from various smaller Canadian farms too.

Welcome to you - is your avatar a virescent green bee?

I haven’t tried Ruth’s Chris or Morton’s.

Out of the steak places currently in business in Toronto, I’ve only tried Barberian’s and Jacob’s & Co.

The only steak I’ve ordered in the past 3 years was takeout from a suburban Keg, which wasn’t great.

I’ve been making ribeye at home 3 or 4 times a month, and occasionally a T-bone, NY Strip or sirloin. I currently like the Joe Beef Butcher’s Blend seasoning the best. Not a fan of the Joe Beef BBQ sauce.

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Why yes it is. I’ve had them on the sunflowers that I plant at my house.