Berkeley News and Notes 2020-2024 [Berkeley]

Quince Cafe will not reopen. I’ll miss their breakfasts.

A few things downtown:

The Nick the Greek chain opened their branch on University just east of Shattuck. Its menu is pretty limited, gyro, souvlaki, falafel in various presentations, and burgers. A pork souvlaki I had yesterday was well seasoned and juicy.

The Cheesesteak Shop, which closed its lower University location, has reopened on Kala Bagai Way.

Across the street, I saw Las Delicias Salvadoran. After that great pupusa we had in the food crawl last Saturday, I wanted to try one here. It was supposed to be chicharron and cheese, but I couldn’t find any chicharon in it. Nice flavor, crispy on the outside.

And around the corner on Addison, I poked in at Pink Cloud Tea & More. I thought they were just a tea and boba drink place, but they have quite a few east Asian dishes, including the Korean egg sandwiches I’ve been wanting to try, and “crepes” like Jianbing.


Their jianbing is good! I’ll often get a jianbing there and a mango dessert from Hui Lau Shan.

I tried that jianbing today. It was ok, but not something I’ll order again. I still want to try the egg sandwiches.

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A Thai “hawker-style” restaurant has taken over the Quince location on San Pablo. I stopped in and had an intriguing version of fried chicken, with a sweet-ish, herbed rub, very crisp skin. Menu here:


Thanks! Hadn’t noticed, though pass by regularly. Interesting menu….