Berkeley BBQ - Favorites ?

KC has their smokers outside, on the back patio (very impressive, btw). At Spats, as in the previous location, the smokers will be indoors under a ventilation hood. There are five or six other restaurants within a block, including a McDonalds, so it might not be a problem.

Cool - let’s hope so, it’ll help us believe in miracles that even a minor remodeling will be finished on time [smile - can you tell we’re in the midst of a list of home improvement projects?]!

Friends and I did a BBQ immersion several years ago and liked KC’s ribs best (vs Smoke and E&J). But KC absolutely refuses to serve them without sauce and that’s a big negative for us. We don’t care for their sauce much, and they put way too much on anyway. A shame because the meat was gorgeous: just the right amount of smoke and tender but still with that unmistakable chew.

Further on Smoke taking over the old Spats location - apparently Spats’ co-owner Mark Rhoades is a big fan of Smoke and when he heard they were getting kicked out, he offered them the space. Details (including those oversized vent hoods!) in Bside Nosh:

Displaced BBQ restaurant Smoke Berkeley finds a new home at Spats

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Catering menu
There’s a daily menu too for when they’re set up.

I know this an Oakland truck, but wondering if anyone has tried him?
I’m intrigued by the merging of Mexican & Que.
I started following them on Instagram.

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