BEER - What did we drink (today/recently)?


Had some Japanese beer this weekend. Coedo Shiro and Shikkoku (black lager)

Shikkoku is very dark, strong caramel note, with nut aroma, bitter finish.

Coedo Shiro - blond golden cloudy appearance, fruity and floral aroma, sweet malts. Refreshing!

Had Leffe Crystal yesterday - medium bitterness, yeasty flavours.

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Would like to visit that pub in Helsinki if I go that way again. Last summer I took the catamaran from Tallinn to get to Helsinki spending the afternoon just drinking beer.

Had several Coedo beers in Japan but don’t remember these. Must be new stuff by them.

Btw, Leffe is more or less mass produced beer these days. One of the brands now owned by InBev Belgium.

I’m behind on beer photos again.


At 12% ABV quite boozy, thick, and rich.

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I was at Menu 66 here in Tulsa and had a SA Porch Rocker to go with my smoked salmon abovcado toast. Very nice combo.

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Last night I broke into my stash and enjoyed a bottle of Sierra Nevada Big Foot Barleywine ale from 2014. Very tasty. Still a bit young.

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In Kathmandu taking the preparation for our upcoming 20 day trek very seriously. Not great even by mass produced Asian lager standards. Though it was better than the Sherpa beer I had afterwards.


Kirin we had in the Japanese noodle shop yesterday.


When I was actively trading beer, we shipped quite a few 20’ containers of Kirin Ichiban from SoCal to Japan. The beer was (and still is) bottled by the Budweiser brewery for domestic distribution. I never got to do a taste comparison of the USA brewed vs the real Japan product.

I always chuckle when I think of shipping Kirin to Japan. Somewhat akin to selling ice to the Eskimo.

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All the beers today were nice. I’m so lucky to have a good pub under 10km away, in the big city. In the old days it was a 2 hour journey from the small town where I live.

Bourbon barrel aged “black barley wine”. There are also a non barrel aged version and I have had them both multiple times, always on tap. Thinking of checking out the bottled version next time. Bottled versions are even better sometimes.

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My last night in Nepal. I’m not sure why Belgian beer is so readily available in Nepal but I’m sure glad it is. First decent beer for months.



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Wow, how nice, in a non-beer drinking country. Maybe some Belgian saw an opportunity and imported their beers.

I scoff at Duvel (mass produced and not my favourite style). Chimay is fine. But if I found myself in Nepal I would happily drink Duvel, of course.


Duvel is one of my favorites! Light, effervescent, and a little bitter, deceptively strong.

Had a glass of Boulevardier Vastness of Space from Cellarmaker in SoMa, SF. An imperial stout aged in barrels that once were used for aging boulevardier cocktails. Cellarmaker often has *Vastness of Space on the menu, where they age one of their imperial stouts (Vastness of Space) in barrels that have housed different beverages previously. In addition to the boulevardier they had a Vastness of Space aged in Manhattan barrels, and I’ve had one that was aged in a dessert wine barrel before as well. Nice tasty rich kind of thick imperial stout with a hint of boulevardier taste. Wasn’t very strong in the boulevardier department but I could maybe taste a little of the bourbon bittersweet flavor left from it.

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^^ I don’t drink cocktails but… there’s such a thing as aged cocktails?

A good selection today, though nothing is outstanding. One Dutch, two Brit and 3 Spanish.

Never forget! 6 beer = 1 food.

Most people see me at my table will quickly leave me alone but some have no idea. When you see someone with reading material and headphones that means “you F. off!”.


Yep, one can prepare a large batch of something like a Manhattan, negroni, boulevardier, etc. and age in a wood barrel. Have had a few barrel aged Manhattans and Negronis. Haven’t tried making them myself though. I believe it mellows them out a little bit and allows them to take on some flavor from the wood?

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A couple of days ago in Luang Prabang, Laos. Not at all complex but a nice bitterness. Certainly better than some dark lagers I’ve had in SE Asia.

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Stopped off at Marshall Brewing this afternoon. Had a Black Dolphin Russian Imperial Stout aged on plums in bourbon barrels. Very nice, not too sweet with a definite plum fruitiness.

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Vientiane- Laos. They had run out of the ubiquitous Beer Laos. I usually avoid beers made with rice but this was a black rice beer and much better than your standard Asian lager.

Siem Reap- Cambodia. I always go for beer in gold cans in Asia ( certainly works in Japan and S Korea). Quite malty. Certainly better than the Cambodia brand.

Saigon-Vietnam. Quite bitter and yet insipid. Gets my vote for worst beer in Asia against some pretty stiff competition.

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This is my choices for tonight. What should I have? I will be a American Solera SoBo

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If it were me… #9, 7, 5, and 1.

I try “modern” sours all the time from many non-Belgian breweries but they taste like radler and or that kind of crap. Almost all of them. Only real Belgian sours for yours truly.