BEER - What did we drink (today/recently)?

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Some beer I have brought with me.

A long barge is passing through in the background.

Hopocalyps Now is double IPA. On right is from the new batch and is even better than the first batch (on left).

Tremendous fucking movie. What have we got now… bloody Fast & Furious (115 thus far?)!

Also part of lunch.

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This past Friday we checked out a local brewery for the first time (Prism). Tasted a few that were good, but then mom ordered the Misdemeanor (%5.2 ABV) which was light and hoppy. I ordered the Felony (%10 ABV) --bitter and hoppy. So good I ordered it twice :grin:

The food was also very good, so we didn’t order dessert. But the bartender brought us a complimentary dessert: a coffee porter with a shot of vanilla vodka. We were skeptical but it was a perfect finish to the meal. They really should add that drink to their dessert menu.

ETA: The burger and the salmon sandwich were great. The fries were godawful.


Had a glass of Lost Wisdom, a saison on tap at Cellarmaker Brewing Co. in SoMa, SF. Very nice, tart and tangy and a little sweet.


Today I drank a Coors Light and it was really good! 80 degrees in L.A., and that beer was so light and cold, and had such crispy carbonation. It was perfect after a day at the beach. Who knew? :slight_smile:


Excellent . I nice beer for a hot day . No big hoppy beers on a hot day . Maybe a Kolsh from Germany .


Tried his over the weekend. Sort of a ‘poor man’s’ Bloody Mary. Actually pretty tasty though, against normal rules, really needs ice, a celery stalk, and some lime on the rim. We added garlic-stuffed olives on a skewer.

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Typically bland lager from Asia, in this case Indonesia. But after 2 weeks in a small town in Java with no beer and after a 4 hour bus ride it tastes pretty good.


A town without beer?
Oh my.
I’ve been
In several where that was the sole redeeming quality.


Micheladas are a preparation in their own right. Very popular all over Mexico and delicious. Often drunk as a Hangover cure.
I can not speak for the premade kind that you tried but ones made at the Bars and Cafes in Mexico can be really great. Most places have their own recipes and can vary quite a lot.


Presunto, I live about 10 minutes walk from The Kernal’s brewery. They’re quite well known in the UK being one of the first of this wave of craft brewing, but I didn’t realise they were exporting as well, good to see!

They’re quite a mature company now, I think they stick to a core few beers rather than experiment like a lot of the newer craft breweries in the area. My nearest brewery is or was brewing on The Kernal’s old equipment. There’s quite a community of breweries in Bermondsey.

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The Kernel is very popular with the craft beer enthusiasts. I drink it whenever I see it on tap. The 2 things I notice are the prices are always higher than most, and there hits and there are misses. Also, a couple of years ago or so they announced they would stop making cask-conditioned beer. Everyone knows they do that for the international market as it’s easier to transport. Cask beer needs a lot more care and skills.

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21st Amendment Brewing. Blah,Blah, Blah IPA. Nice, not to heavy IPA with a nice pineapple smell.

And a big DIPA from Bear Republic. The beer was great. But, I don’t appreciate a lot of yeasty sediment caked in the bottom of bottles. I know it’s fine and supposed to be there it just gets a bit too chunky for my taste so I end up pouring it like wine and leaving the sediment behind.


I don’t know. It’s weird, but it totally worked. I told the bartender I like bitter flavors, but wanted something light. He put a little vodka in a glass of ice, added this, a dash of bitters, and garnished it with a blood orange twist.

It was refreshing and excellent on a warm afternoon.

Bel Campo, Santa Monica, , California

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Brewed by Carlsberg in Malaysia. A bit one dimensional and a very assertive bitterness. Made a nice change from the non descript lagers I’ve been drinking though.

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I’ve been lazy with uploading beer photos!

A few beers at the pub today. All delicious. I got my 1 litre bottle filled with the mango IPA for the weekend. Had to hurry home to get a bbq on.

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With dinner today. Have had the “normal” Innis & Gunn beer several times but this is my first “rum finish”. It’s OK, I prefer the other one.

With lunch yesterday. I got 2 bottles, all gone now. Chocolate lager would sound weird to most people but I actually like it.

Recently there were a dutch craft beer event for 2 weeks long and all the pubs tapped only that. These are from 1 brewer alone (who is a favourite brewer of mine).

Another week of dutch craft beer. The New England IPA by Natte Gijt and Braaf breweries was fantastic and cloudy. I got a litre to take home 2 weeks in a row. I have given up on “west coast IPA”, which tastes like soap (only to me, apparently). New England IPA is a new style to me. It’s not common here yet.


@Presunto I think I need to stop reading your posts. Everytime I come across one I get hungry or thirsty lol

It’s five o’clock somewhere…Sunday morning brunch beer. My favorite session brew

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With dinner today. Had it a couple of times years ago when it first came out. Liked it OK then, fast forward to now… not so much. I knew I would feel this way about this beer that’s why I drank it with this meal alongside spicy sauces.

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Sunset beer after dinner today. “Barrel-aged” smoked imperial stout from De Molen. Quite nice. The name of the beer means complete and utter rubbish, in another word, BS.

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Didn’t go to the pub last week due to high temperatures. These are from this afternoon:

  • Lindemans Lambic is flat and came from the cask. They kegged and shipped it to the pubs.

  • Saison Grand 2015 (Cascade Brewing). Expensive! Price-quality ratio is not so good then.

  • Oak-aged imperial “rumstout” from Denmark.

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