BEER - What did we drink (today/recently)?

Sante Adairius Rusty Trucks. :+1: A little rich, pretty balanced hazy DIPA. For lack of a better word, smooth. Easy to drink.

Alvarado Street Double Haole Punch
I like the regular Alvarado Haole Punch, which is a (not too) sour that does indeed have some tropical Hawaiian Punch like notes. This was like that but more concentrated I guess. Imperial sour with passionfruit, orange, and guava.


Thanks, Honkman, for shedding light on the IBU in relation to ABV.

Mr. Happy, would love to drink all your juicy, hazy and awesome looking beers from the tap. I still haven’t been back to my regular pub since the first lockdown! Or I should stop buying beers from the bottle shops for a while first.


I like creamy IPAs but I also like crisp, lip-smacking ones. Have been drinking too many creamy IPAs lately, now it seems harder to find the other kind.

Bloody 'Ell - Blood Orange IPA - Beavertown Brewery - London, UK. 5,5%

Supermarket beer, industrial craft beer, Beavertown is owned by Heineken.

Smells hoppy but not so much in the taste. Does not have a good blood orange taste and bitterness to it. Thin bodied, nothing in the finish. A disappointing IPA.

High Score - NEIPA - Van De Streek Brewery - Netherlands. 7% - Galaxy and Sabro

Quite fizzy. Juicy, ripe and tart tropical fruits, not too sweet. Low on the creaminess, a bit thin bodied. Decent NEIPA, but barely makes the standard.

Blueberry Chocolate Coffee & Vanilla Sour - Collective Arts / Stillwater Colab - Ontario, Canada/NY, US. 5,8%

What the hell am I thinking? Another “pastry sour”?

Pours a nice blueberry colour, swirling round like mud being stirred. Pleasantly tart, faint chocolate but I hardly detect coffee and vanilla. It’s probably just me but this is just a blueberry sour fruit drink and nothing more. Looks and smells very good, though.

I’ve only tried 2 pastry sours but I think it’s quite enough now.

Vanilla - Pillow Double Vanilla Strong Ale - Põhjala brewery - Estonia. 12,9%
Smooth and full-bodied. Sweet, dark chocolate, licorice, boozy. A heavy sipper. Over the top.

Maru - IIPA DIPA - Pühaste Brewery - Estonia. 8%
Juicy, tropical and powerful double IPA, massively hopped with Southern Passion, Cashmere and Nelson Sauvin hops.”

A very good NEIPA despite Nelson Sauvin, which is not my favourite hop. The beer doesn’t always tastes like what it says on the can but this time it’s true. I buy Pühaste beers all the time, and they really make a lot of versions.

Gonzo Imperial Porter - Flying Dog - Maryland, US. 10%
Burnt toast, dark chocolate, coffee and some tobacco. Alcohol is subtle at 10%, lingering bitter finish.

Flying Dog has some of the best beers one can buy in supermarkets here. I like FD more than Stone.

Snake Dog IPA - Flying Dog - Maryland, US. 7,1%, 60 IBU
Colorado-style IPA. Crystal Malt, Warrior and Columbus hops, dry hopped with Columbus.

Not super bitter but tasty and refreshing nonetheless. A very drinkable IPA that’s readily available in a supermarket nearest to me.


Orange Dream by New Bohemia Brewing Company (Santa Cruz, CA) - Pilsner

Surprisingly creamy mouthfeel on this flavored lager - interesting interplay between typical biscuit flavor, some hops and the orange/vanilla addition which gets more dominant towards the end of the sip. Overall good but not something to drink everyday.


Alba by Rising Tide Brewing Company (Portland, ME) - Graetzer (Smoked Wheat Ale)

Starts as a typical wheat ale with plenty of grassy notes and some faint sweetness in the middle of the sip. There is a surprisingly restrained smokiness in the background (which could be much stronger) and high carbonation with an astringent finish not unlike some white wines.


Everything whale be alright by Stellwagen Beer Company (Marshfield, MA) - Wheat Beer

Quite light, citrus-forward American wheat beer. Typical grassy notes are the foundation with some hints of coriander and otherwise citrus. Relatively high carbonation. Overall not bad but a bit one-note and tastes too watered down.


Playground Tactics by Urban Roots Brewing & Smokehouse (Sacramento, CA) - NE DiPA

Really nice hazy DIPA with tons of juicy, tropical (mango, passionfruit, orange) flavor upfront but not overly sweet. Moderately piney in the middle but a long, dry, medium bitter finish with a nearly creamy mouthfeel. Overall outstanding hazy IPA


Fort Point’s Westfalia (Nurnberg red ale). 5.6% ABV; malty but not as heavy as an Irish red ale. Fort Point hasn’t disappointed me yet.


Glorious Guava by Morgan Territory Brewing (Tracy, CA) - Fruited Sour

Very promising nose on the guava and the taste follows but is more subdued than expected. Still relative fruit forward but more on the tart side than originally expected. Overall still refreshing guava and easily drinkable.


Devil’s Gulch by Pond Farm Brewing Company (San Rafael, CA) - Hazy IPA

Citrusy hazy IPA with some juicy tropical flavors in the background. Quite soft mouthfeel with a relatively strong, dry bitterness in the finish. Somehow I was expecting a more aggressive flavor profile based in the name and drawing on the can.


Sony Mash Big Peel witbier, New Orleans
Tasted more like a crisp saison, which to me was a good thing as the hazy wheats aren’t my preferred style. Looks like they have lot of interesting beers so will try to hit the brewery if I get a chance.


^^ I thought Sony had started making beer then I saw the label :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Lost Highway - DDH Black IPA - Van Moll brewery - Netherlands. 7,2%
Not a fan of the style but I still try it from this brewery. Roasty, coffee and chocolate. Some rye, too. Hoppy and bitter. A pretty nice black IPA.

It’s Time For IPA - Pulfer brewery - Croatia. 7% 40 IBU
Tastes of creamy coconut water. Hoppy vanilla, low on sweetness. Soft but juicy like a NEIPA. Would be even better with a little more bitterness. Lingering coconut water and vanilla dry finish. Very nice beer. Another good one from this Croatian brewery.

Frost Cake Fever - Imperial Baltic Porter - Sori Brewing - Estonia. 10,1%
Cocoa Nibs, Tonka beans and Coconut.

Tastes and smells as if something is burnt but I think it’s the tonka beans. If you have a sweet tooth and like coconut then you’ll like this beer. I miss the “coconut” word on the label. The “coconut” in many things tastes too synthetic to me and ruins everything :frowning:

Laudatur XX - Strong ale - Sori Brewing - Estonia. 12,3%
A blend of imperial Baltic porter and barley wine, aged on Heaven Hill and tawny port barrels.

Sori beers are usually expensive and this one costs about 12 euros. I can’t remember exactly but somewhere around that amount. Also, this series is “limited edition” produced in small quantities and is not even for sale in Estonia.

Dried fruits, sweet, rich and smooth. Boozy. It tastes very “barrel-aged” all right. Woody and port wine-y. Heavy. Again, if you have a sweet tooth you’ll like it a lot.

Dark Humor Club - Imperial pastry stout -Sori Brewing - Estonia. 8%
Cocoa nibs, espresso, Bourbon vanilla pods.

I have posted this one before. Saved the bottle just in case I might buy another from this series so I would not be confused as there are several “Dark Humor” in this series.

A quick recap: cocoa nibs/powder, lots of it. Lovely vanilla. Roasty. Dry and bitter, burnt malt. Still too sweet (to me alone).

Forgot this one from last week.

Macedonia Mini NEIPA - Cerveza Mur - Buenos Aires, Argentina. 5%
Contains oats, wheat, rye. Dried hopped Mosaic and Waimea.

Creamy and oaty. Flavour is predominantly of pineapple. Not too sweet with a bitter finish. A pleasantly tasty beer. A long way from the standard/uninspiring “blond”, “amber” and “dark” beers found all over Argentina that I was only able to find, back in 2009.

Good to know the beer scene (and quality!) is improving in this wine drinking nation. I had a great time travelling in Argentina.


You should use the Untappd app - that is the easiest way to keep track of your beers with photo and comments

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Beer Geek Breakfast by Mikkeller (Copenhagen, Denmark) - Stout

Complex flavor combination of dark chocolate, toffee, cappuccino, some slight raisin sweetness, vanilla, dark malts but also some bitter hop notes. Throughout the sip but especially at the finish a good dark roast coffee flavor. Low/medium carbonation with a relatively thick viscosity/mouthfeel could make this stout indeed an excellent breakfast addition.

Letter 24 by Henhouse Brewing Company (Santa Rosa) - Fruited Gose

Sour with stronger focus on the tart component and relatively low fruit flavors from strawberry (but enough to not completely unbalance it). Basil gives it a interesting herbal backbone. Good but could have a bit more strawberry flavor.

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Cryo Currency by Barrel Brothers Brewing Company (Windsor, CA) - IPA

Solid west coast IPA with a mix of hops which give a citrus forward flavor profile with some floral notes and a bit of dankness. Refreshing middle of the road west coast IPA.

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