BEER - What did we drink (today/recently)?

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From Germany’s far north. Haven’t been to Flensburg but pretty much all of Germany is on my list. Have had several beers from this brewery. This one is a spring bock. I think there’s a bock beer for every season, except summer.


A few from Germany mostly Winter Bocks

Augustiner Bräu Christmas Bock

Weihnachtsbock Hofbrauhaus Berchtesgaden

Erdinger Schneeweiße, Erding

Alt Berchinger Dunkel Bärenbräu

Schuller Bock Brauerei zur Krone, Berching


I’m not a craft beer drinker but I was with several serious beer drinkers last night at a social club. One of the members sampled this beer, Sip of Sunshine, and everyone raved about it. The bad news is that it’s hard to find:

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This is what I was talking about in my previous reply. :de: :beers:

Thanks. Bad news for me, too.

Maybe other drinkers on here could find it and try it for themselves. On beer forums you would see ISO (“in search of”).


Gotta be in the NorthEast US, the closer to Vermont the better I guess

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I have tried almost all the beers from this brewery multiple times and now I can say most of it is only “drinkable” if there are no other options. There are 3 decent ones which I still have for those days when I don’t feel like making photos. After having tried all these beers I have come to a conclusion: I don’t like the head brewer’s style. Always uses a cocktail of fancy/(expensive) imported hops and malts but the end results are often disappointing.

My syrup tonight.

At the pub the other day. Hope you can see the beer names because I’m too lazy to retype them all. Brought home a litre of The Kernel pale ale from the tap. (used to bring home up to 4 different beers from the tap but decided to cut down -drastically- my beer consumption since last november).

Picked up my new book on the way to the pub. Why does the world think I own it communication and eye contact? Especially when I have my reading material and headphones on. (@chowdom)


Great photo … Yay, you found the book!


Today. Fort Point Wheat; Dogfish Head Sour Ale. The Wheat was a bit more hoppy than I expected but pleasant on a nice Spring afternoon. The sour wasn’t as sour as some. Nice summer beverage if you like sours.


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A few hoppy IPAs. The Pizza Port was really good. The Clown Shoes Photosphere Phil was interesting. I thought it tasted like canned pineapple juice fermented and some hops stirred in. Not my favorite, but drinkable.

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@Midlife, yes I like sours. Haven’t had any DFH in a while and certainly never the sour one in your pic.

@aussieshepsx2, there was a Port Brewing tap-takeover at my regular pub last year. There were hits and misses, well I thought so anyway. And god, the guy on the label in the last pic looks really irritating haha… One of the many reasons I distant myself from the craft beer scene (which is absolutely full of beer terrorists/extremists and blokes who don’t own razors).

Finishing up my pale ale (The Kernel) brought back from the pub. Already made a photo of the next beer, a Saison.

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A pale ale from New Zealand. Have had this one before but it’s nice so I got it again. There are not many beers from NZ to be found here and they are quite expensive.


From Lithuania Brick by Brick, Running Dune

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Another one from the brewery I have been drinking. This white IPA is fine. Will get it again. Make so many beers and only 4 that are drinkable (to me).

Next to my dinner today (kimchi chicken thighs and homemade kimchi, and kimchi rice). :beers:


Thats allota Kimchi

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Yes. But not that spicy, just the colour.

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First beer photos in the back garden this year. Nice New Zealander “imperial” IPA. Not soapy or palate wrecking at all.

The label

Some interesting Netherlander beers at the pub the other day. I could only remember what the first 3 beers were.

This is modern heartbreak. Everything is done through a (little) screen.


Two from Daisy Cutter, both very good. Purchased at Top Hops, Essex Market in Manhattan. Now I’m drinking Bronx Brewery No Reservations IPA, which I forgot I don’t really like and bought by mistake. Alas.

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I don’t usually drink Italian beer but wanted to give this one a chance. Turned out I liked it. Not something you hear me say about Italian anything. Not only that, I also dislike “west coast IPA” style. To me it tastes strongly of washing-up liquid. This one doesn’t at all and it tastes good, of tropical fruits. However, it’s now available at the biggest supermarket chain in the country so I assume it’s now more or less industrial or has been acquired by some big corporation, as in no longer a micro brewery it once was.

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Beer with some chardonay in it. I didn’t like it.

The lunch was better!

From Hawaii. Has hardly taste. Some low alcohol beers do taste good.

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Beer on train! Picked 2 up at Duesseldorf train station to drink on the train. Urige is a firm favourite, and it’s been years since I had Schuessel.

Approaching Koblenz. Drank all the beer en route. Takes almost 2hrs to reach Koblenz.

I have passed through Koblenz a few times but never got off the train, till now.