BEER - What did we drink (today/recently)?

Ah…! I didn’t look it up.

It’s new to me. And has nothing to do with a women’s undergarment brand.

Baltika #7 export lager. Weirdly sweet.

Russians are good vodka making but not in beer brewing. Had some really awful beers many years ago in Russia

Strawberry Sournova by Almanac Beer Company (Alameda, CA) - Fruited Sour

Excellent natural conditioned sour which gives it a more rounded flavor with non artificially, slightly tart tasting strawberry upfront that gets complexity by being aged in oak - good balanced sourness in the end.


Have you tried any of their other Sournovas? The line is generally good and well-balanced.

No, it was my first Sournova but not my last. Looking on Untappd they seem to have overall some interesting beers (and they are not to far away.

Their taproom/beer garden is worth a visit. And if it’s too crazy, you can visit Admiral Maltings next door and have beers made with their malts.

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You can’t handle the juice by Heretic Brewing Company (Fairfield, CA) - Imperial IPA

Not surprising with this name, orange juice with peach and mango notes quite dominant upfront, followed by some light malt notes and some piney flavors in the background and a dry, medium bitter finish. Dangerously easy to drink for an DIPA.


8.5% damn!

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I did drink a bunch of Baltika beers back in my early craft beer days. Was never impressed with any of them.

(D)DH/NEIPAs are getting increasingly more alcoholic. I want to go back to the time when it was simpler.
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Stay Hopdrated (Pulfer brewery, Croatia): 7.3%, 50 IBU.

Galaxy and Idaho7 hops. Good bitterness. Tropical, citrusy, some pine-y, stone fruits. Smells sweet. OK beer. Their other IPAs are better.

Not sure if anyone recognises this (Californian) brewery. Short version: worthless beer.

Novo Brazil Brewing - The Mango Beer.

The label is useless. I had to look up IBU and other info. 7%, IBU 55. A big gusher. The first 1/3 ended up on my hardwood floors (I usually open a beer over the kitchen sink, this time I did not and look what happened). Cloudy, low to medium bitterness, faint artificial “mango” taste but nothing can be described as “fruity”. Low turbidity. No hop smell. Pretty sure there are a lot of good IPAs coming out of San Diego, but unfortunately this one is barely drinkable and very forgettable.


Campfire Stout by High Water Brewing (Lodi, CA) - Stout

Strong notes of chocolate and molasses as the foundation of the stout. Some vanilla and cake-like flavors in the background with sweetness from the marshmallows. Very smooth and easy to drink without being overly sweet.

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