BEER - What did we drink (today/recently)?

You’ve posted other beers from this brand before, I remember, and now a couple more. So now they need to change the words at the bottom of the label: it’s häufiges seltenes Bier. :slight_smile:

Estonian beer. Pohjala is still doing well according to my beer acquaintances who are expats in Tallinn. Pohjala’s tap room in Tallinn is very dark, near pitch black, for no good reason that I know of. Anyway, I enjoy most of their beers, albeit expensive.

NEIPA is not enough anymore. I need DDH! Have to grab some more of this. DDH is not plentiful. Dutch brewery, “Jay and silent hop”, from Jay and silent Bob in Kevin Smith’s Clerks.

I got 2 “hauls” so there are about a dozen different type from this same breweries. The first haul:


Finally made the pilgrimage to Treehouse, near Sturbridge, MA. Wasn’t quite the nightmare I was expecting but it still took about 25 minutes in line to pick up an online order. Julius is everything people say about it, floral nose, hoppy but not bitter. Green borders on bitter for me, Haze somewhere between Julius and Green. Tried an assortment of their Juice and Fruit project beers, none overly fruity and they maintain the house style. Noticed a pizza oven adjacent to their (closed) beer garden. Looks like a fun place to hang out on a warm afternoon.


I tried St. Bernardus Abt 12 tonight - never had it before, but I saw it on display and knew it was famous. I’m not a beer expert, but I’d say “at first taste” that the hype seems justified. I guess I’m biased though, because IMO beer is overall a very good idea. :smile:


I’m practically begging my regular pub’s employee* to drop off some beer at my house now that I can’t pick it up at the pub. He did it the day before the ongoing-and-indefinite lockdown. He delivers beers to 2 shops near my house anyway.

*(He delivers the pub’s own beers to shops and other craft beer pubs around the country)

This beer is OK. If you can fine Rochefort 10 it’s even better. I don’t really drink Belgian beer anymore but I still like Rochefort 10.

Not sure where you are located in Canada, I have checked BC Liquor Stores site but they don’t have Rochefort. All the “imported” beers listed on BCLS site are mass produced crap. St. Bernadus and Westmalle Tripel are OK. I actually prefer Westmalle Tripel between the two. You need to find a proper craft beer shop to obtain Rochefort 10.

Just read this now. I was obviously thinking about something else when I wrote it, cuz it made no sense. :sweat_smile:

Lagunitas Waldos’ Special Ale, a triple IPA I found at Safeway of all places. I like it, not overly boozy tasting despite the ABV.


Is Lagunitas owned by “the big guy” now? I have bought their standard IPA a few times, at the supermarket no less. The same supermarket also stocks Goose Island and other formerly “craft beer” brands who have sold their souls to the likes of InBev and Heineken etc. And when you can buy “craft beers” at the supermarket that’s usually means they are no longer independent craft breweries.

Yep, looks like its owned by Heineken!

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Thanks for looking it up. :slight_smile:

I can get their standard IPA and session IPA here. Haven’t specifically looked for their other offerings at the local craft beer shop. Next time, if I remember.

“Imperial pastry stout”! I’ve seen this style from several breweries at the bottle shop so it must be a recent trend.

Too sweet for my taste, but then I don’t have a sweet tooth. Would be nice if it was less sweet and dry. Yes, dry stouts do exist.

ETA: just added a big glug of Morlach 12 yrs whisky and it’s muuuuch better :yum:

12% but I don’t get a 12% alcohol hit.

This was from the other day


Americans would make it high alcohol even oatmeal stout. Nothing is safe anymore. This brewery still makes it the old-school way.

Non alcoholic beer. Both are so good I went back and got 2 more of each. (Yellow ones in the background next time)

This double IPA is pretty good. But I have to go back for their DDH NEIPA posted a couple of weeks back (Jay and Silent Hop).

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Fruity pale all. Will get again.

NEIPA from Berlin. Says NEIPA on their website.

Me thinks it’s the best non alcoholic IPA so far


Not a big fan of saison but this one is quite nice.

The chair on the label is a typical beach chair in north Germany.

Maybe you Californians recognise this brewery…?

Non alcoholic IPA (Dutch brewery). The partner had the pastry, I had this beer.

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We’ve been doing virtual beerfests here, and since the ones we’ve been participating in are “based” in SoCal, most of what we’ve gotten has come from the LA-San Diego corridor, including from Thorn Brewery. The Spicy Maya, a dry Irish stout that was a limited-release collaboration with Chuao Chocolate, was definitely interesting.

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any fans of Krystal Weizen?

I don’t care for this style but this one is drinkable. Wouldn’t mind drinking it again. Never had a “brut” beer that I liked.

Lagunitas from the biggest supermarket chain in the country. My local and very awesome craft beer shop doesn’t even stock Lagunitas. Maybe they scoff at them for selling their soul to the big beer cartel.

I don’t think I’ve ever had Kristalweissbier. I have seen it on tap but it’s not very common.

I a fan of turbidity and Kristalweissbier has been filtered. It’s the main reason I don’t drink it but otherwise I don’t really know much about it.

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I find the Kristall much cleaner with less sweet after taste.

I’ve had to settle for the Hefe-Weizen. for whatever reason the filter Kristall is not made/available/imported/whatever.

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I’ve been drinking Walhalla beers. More hits than misses, unlike some “craft” breweries.

But I don’t care for the label designs and I hate the town.

They have a FB site (but I don’t click on FB sites). One below is their official site, though slow to load and not in English so you might want to skip it alltogether.

Another one, based in the town I hate. Don’t have to buy it again.

I like Thornbridge OK but this one is downright horrible.

Just-back-from-the-woods beer. I drank it as I was making Flammkuchen with store-bought fresh dough.


This brewery wants to be respected and wants to be known in the craft beer scene at home, and abroad. Unfortunately for them, most of their beers are more misses than hits, including this NEIPA. When they get rid of the head brewer and their marketing director, then hire a competent head brewer and we shall see.

Much, much better than the above.


Pliny from bottle

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