BEER - What did we drink (today/recently)?

I haven’t had one in years!

Been years since I’ve had a Molson.

In general, everything does need to be tinkered with and/or updated at some point. It’s when and how it’s done that counts.

Did this one directly replace the label from 1975, or have there been other label changes in between?

The one from 1975, as far as I can tell.

A colab sour beer. Craft breweries in Latvia and Netherlands. I got 3 and this is the last of it.

Does not taste like typical American IPA but it’s good in its own way. I’ve had this one a bunch of time. Drank it with Labskaus (Matjes herring) lunch.

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American IPAs taste very different depending which region (or coast) it comes from. West coast IPAs are often IBU bombs (which isn’t a bad thing) whereas here on the East coast you get many different hazy IPA (which are much more fruit forward (which is also not a bad thing). And obviously there are many variations in between available across the US.

People around here think “typical American IPA” is high-alcohol hop bombs, lips-smacking bitter and soapy tasting. This is what I taste in “West coast IPA” style.

I would say IPAs by Insel-Brauerei are more east coast style.

I like both east and west coast styles and everything in between. And have a fondness for (DDH) NEIPA. Needs to be bitter, fruity and not soapy, high turbidity is a bonus. I’m especially sensitive to soapy tasting hops and tend to avoid “west coast style” IPAs.

I agree about not liking the soapy taste. That’s about the only way for me not to like and IPA. And I’ll note that there are so many craft breweries now that the regional styles – tendencies, actually – extend all over the country – East Coast style on the west coast and vice versa. And there’s a lot going on in between, of course. I just had a nice Holy Roller IPA from New Orleans that I really liked.

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Whoa. Got this when it was just a case of going to the brewery and buying it. Apparently this beer was one of those Cantillons that was much sought after.

Don’t know about “Baltic” but this one tastes a lot like Belgian strong/blond ale, such as Duvel. I fell out of love with 99% of Belgian beer so don’t think I’ll get this one again.


My first beer since New Year’s Day . A blood orange IPA from my favourite London brewery, Beavertown.


My favorites…behind bourbon. :blush:

It’s Friday! My second favorite “f” word.

Right behind fourbon, feer, and fodka.


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