BEER - What did we drink (today/recently)?

When I used to go with someone who had a car. My typical beer shopping (this was in Belgium).

Cantillon used to be readily available. Now you have to go to the brewery to be able to buy it by the case or crate. And the price has gone up, of course.

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The red plastic crate on the right appears to be from Dworp, and Dworp is in a municipality that’s almost called “Beer-sell”. (Beersel is close enough for me.) Too suitable. :slight_smile:

The second syllable is pronounced as in Merkel :smile:

I know, and I’m guessing that the first syllable’s pronunciation is probably bér also, but the spelling is close enough - and their new honorary status as beer sellers is probably not so undeserved. :slight_smile:

I found some cans of Death and Taxes, a locally brewed black lager or “schwarzbier” at a grocery store. Have had it a few times on tap before. Uncommon style around these parts. I like it.


I like black beer, too. Still being brewed in Germany and eastern Europe.

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Love their beer. They have a really low-key taproom in a warehouse park in Santa Rosa you should visit. Looks like you can get take out for now, but is fun to do tastings when Covid lockdowns permit.

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Wait until you try “Indigobier”, “Giftgrünbier”, and “Pantone-239-bier”. OK actually don’t try them. :slight_smile:

A French-Norwegian colab beer. Nøgne Ø is a competent Norwegian craft brewery. I always saw them at various beer fests. This beer is more like a pale ale with rhubarb added.

I’ve been to Pinta’s pub in Krakow. They have many taps and some very good stuff but not many will blow your socks off. I would make Pinta pub a regular watering hole if I were to live in town.


Lovely blond. Not the typical Belgian-style blond. But then I don’t usually like something “typical”.

By the same brewery. I used to be able to drink Weissbier (German wheat beer) but now I can barely stand the smell. That “banana” smell is too overwhelming now. It’s not the beer, it’s me. My allergies make certain smells unbearable, even though I used to like them. Nothing gets better, only gets worse.


Just finished a Dogfish 90 min IPA. Have also been enjoying Coppertail Unholey Tripple recently

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I’ve fallen for a very Social Lady Friend –

New label. Anchor had a 125th anniversary special, $1.25 for a six pack. I haven’t had an Anchor since they were bought by Sapporo, but the brewery has a sentimental place in my heart as a San Francisco institution. On my first visit to San Francisco 25 years ago, before I moved here, I took a free tour of the brewery, at the end of which you settle into the tasting room and leisurely drink all their offerings. Super casual and the tour guide was one of the brewery workers, they took turns giving tours so the guide wasn’t in a hurry to get back to the floor.


Great price! I’m a fan of Anchor Steam. One of the OG craft beers in the U.S. and one of the best beers that are widely available across the country these days. I do prefer the old labels though. I went on the brewery tour with some coworkers a while ago (the brewery is in Potrero Hill in SF) which was a cool experience. I remember the strong aroma of hops the most. And the tasting at the end. The tour is no longer free and has been suspended due to the pandemic. I hope they are able to start them back up this year.


I’d had you pegged as a bourbon/whisky drinker. But you also like IPAs! :beers:

I recognise the name but not the label. Then you mentioned it’s new. I like it. Many labels are trying too hard, designs are too busy, sometimes it’s downright “unphotographable” (ie shiny silver texts or background).

Stopped by a craft beer shop on the way home from the woods the other day. Only 10 minutes on the bicycle from my house and the owners are women with beer diplomas who also run the shop! I limited myself to 10 minutes in the store this time. Because I know the longer I linger the more beer I buy. This cost 100 euros, for 2 bottle of wine and the rest was beer. Well, 2 of the Dieu du Ciel are 10 euro each! But I think it’ll be worth it. I like their stuff.

I drank one straight away, whilst dinner was warming up.

A bunch more made by the same people in Rügen, Germany. One day I will make it there and drink all their beers on tap. Insel Brauerei is the brewery. But Rügen alone is already worth the trip.

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Well you pegged me pretty well but one has to enjoy more than whiskey and a nice crisp IPA, or on the other end of the spectrum a nice stout hits the spot on some afternoons with a cigar while contemplating dinner

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My 2 cents: I think it’s a terrible redesign, pegged to attract millennials who seemed to have no problem drinking Anchor Steam before. Not everything needs to be tinkered with and updated.


Rare Barrel is a Berkeley, CA brewery brewing sour beers exclusively, many barrel aged. I’m a fan of sours. This was interesting but I don’t think I’d get it again.


I’m just glad to know that Rare Barrel is still going. I got a little worried for them after Cleophas Quealy in San Leandro closed.

I tried Molson.
Amazing beer.


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