BEER - What did we drink (today/recently)?

(Chris) #201

Some more beers I had recently.

Had this at a Chinese restaurant. Perhaps the most tasetless and watery beer I’ve ever had. I’d never seen it before so I had to try it.

One of my favourite beers from the US. Showing it’s not all about hop monster IPA’s

Quite nice oatmeal stout but there’s much better out there.

Another Adnams beer again, Ghost Ship. A typical English bitter but with some hoppiness reminiscent of US IPA’s but not overdone. In my top 10 favourite beers for sure.

It had turned cold so I wanted something dark. My favourite Chimay.


This 1996 “Old Blue Granite” barleywine ale, from Blind Pig Brewing in Temecula, CA (no longer in business). I stashed a sixpack of it in the cellar when it was released and after 22 years it’s still excellent. Any harshness from the hops has mellowed away, leaving a polished and earthy brew.

I still have a bottle left, and a big set of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot from subsequent years. I 'm a little sorry I stopped saving a sixpack a year of Bigfoot about ten years ago.


I remember those but I could never have a bottle of beer setting around 20 years. :slight_smile:


I’ve been drinking this the last few months:
I love the Blood Orange :tangerine: with the Wheat.

(ChristinaM) #205

Split a Westbrook key lime pie Gose brought back from a friend’s trip to SC. Tart and fresh - would be refreshing by the pool/beach.