BEER - What did we drink (today/recently)?

First beer in The Philippines, in El Nido on Palawan. Pretty good and well flavoured as it should be at a pretty strong 6.9%. I like the bottle, looks like it should be containing mild from 1960’s England.

Apart from at craft beer places this is the best dark beer I’ve had in Asia. Most dark lagers were just that but tested like a more bitter version of a lager. This actually had a depth of flavour with a nice treacle taste.

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Thanks. The Wi-Fi is pretty poor on Palawan in the Philippines. Apart from El Nido I will be staying on quiet beaches so not holding out much hope on the decent beer front. I will be off to Hong Kong though after The Philippines. Any info would be welcome.

I have checked listings for the Philippines. Unfortunately, there is only a handful of places where you can get beer and they are all located in the capital. Hang in there and you’ll be “rewarded” for your patience when you reach HK.

I’m pasting names and addresses of highest rating beer bars for you. When you are in HK internet will be better and you can look up more if you want. You have it good in HK now. When I was there (2007 and 2008) there was a lot less options.

  • The Roundhouse Taproom
    62 Peel Street, Central
    Hong Kong Island

  • The Ale Project
    G/F, 15 Hak Po Street, Mong Kok

  • The Globe
    G/F, Garley Building, 45-53 Graham Street, Central
    Hong Kong Island

  • Second Draft
    G/F, 98 Tung Lo Wan Rd, Tai Hang
    Hong Kong Island
    This place also has 3 hand pumps. 5 minutes walk from the Tin Hau metro.

  • 65 Peel
    G/F, 65 Peel Street, Central
    Hong Kong Island

  • Kowloon Taproom
    G/F Astoria Building, 24-38 Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

  • Trappist
    Shop 1C, Gold Coast Piazza, 1 Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun
    New Territories
    In case you want Belgian beers

  • The Beer Bay
    Central Ferry Piers 3 and 4, Central
    Hong Kong Island
    Little bar next to pier 3 in Central. Beer is served in plastic cup. Grab one and sit down somewhere to watch the world go by.

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Oh my gosh, my wife’s favorite beer! If we can find here it’s always on supply in the house

Last beers in Busan. I like this bar and its beers. Besides, it’s only a short walk from my lodging. Their IPA is better than most I have had on this trip. A sign bythe entrance reads “the first American style beer bar in Busan”.





From the day before: had been here a week back, this time they only had 1 new beer I was interested in. It was a good one, though.

Window seats, with views of the bridge, are most popular. I sat at the bar both times, to avoid people who talk.

The tin sealing machine again. I used flash this time. Would be nice if we had this system at home. I bring my own big bottle to take tap beer home but tins would be better.

Last bottle of Korean beer drank in my room. It’s hard to find Korean craft beer in bottle. I guess mostly because the small breweries don’t have bottling facilities.

Back in the pub today. The oatmeal stout from Mikkeller is powerful. However it would have been even nicer with half the amount of maple syrup.

The so-called double dry hopped IPA wit brett is underwhelmed. But it’s Italian… never expect competence from most things Italian.

Korean beers continued. I was in Seoul 5 evenings, the bars are open only from 5pm so I could not check out as many places.

My first evening in Seoul. There are 2 bars between where I ate dinner and I went to both. The first one is a nice little bar, there’s a tiny bottle shop inside as well. Expensive stuff in the shop, half of the price is mostly taxes.

The 2 I had. Forgot what the dark beer is.



The second bar is actually a pizza + beer meeting place for “millennials”, it appears. I checked the tap list first, all craft beers and tasted pretty good too.


I got the same 2 to go. He’s writing the beer name on each tin here.

The machine seals the top of the tin. Takes hardly any time doing that.

Whilst waiting for my beer to be ready to take away I made a photo of the place. This is it, just a little room. The Koreans and Japanese do tiny spaces so good. Seems they can run all kinds of business in such a small “enclosure”. Anyway, we were the only 2 full-fledged middle aged people in here.

Korean craft beer bars are always full of women. Some are real budding beer enthusiasts, many are there only for their IG accounts. From my observation their knowledge of beer is highly questionable. I talked at lengths with the woman bartender at Magpie and she said the same thing. She’s good at explaining and “educating” woman beer enthusiasts about the beers on their taps. Love the beer scene in Korea. So much better than in Japan in several aspects.

Back in my private room.

Second day in Seoul. Magpie beers and its staff are great. When we got there only the tiny tap room was open. The actually bar is in the basement directly across. Next time for sure.



There’s a bottle shop around the corner from Magpie. Only 4 Korean beers sold there, all by the same brewery. I got 2 for drinking in the room.

I saw a lot of expats walking around in this area, probably due to the high concentration of bars. Asked the bartender who confirmed my theory. Seems some male expats have no problem getting local lady friends wherever they relocate. Rarely the other way around for expat women.

In Kowloon, Hong Kong. They had Brooklyn IPA but I can get that in London. So I went for the Hong Kong Yau beer. It was pretty good, quite hoppy, reminded me of Brooklyn lager.

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What is the name of the bar?

It’s the final countdown for you PaprikaB!

From my pub visits today and last week:
Mostly IPAs and saison.


Now I must really sort out the rest of beer photos from Korea. My life, for the next couple of weeks, will be rearranged according to the Olympic schedules.

Nice to be back in my local having one of my favourite beers. A classic best bitter Harveys Best,

Google Photos

Google Photos

Followed by nicely hoppy Mad Goose from Purity brewery.

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Cottage pie and red cabbage to eat:

Google Photos

Followed by treacle tart. No custard unfortunately, only ice cream.

Google Photos


Something has gone wrong. PB’s photos don’t appear. @hungryonion

My pub photos recently.


Got another imperial stout near the end. Not impressed, unfortunately.

Tried this IPA the other day with lunch. Not bad. The biggest supermarket chain stocks it.

Whats wrong?

^^ Just that Paprikaboy’s photos didn’t show, for me at least.

Glorious summer-like day today and I sat inside at the pub. Much cooler in there.

Some nice IPAs, New England style seems to have dissipated.

New travel guide. I have outlined the places to be visited in Dec-Jan.

Maybe someone knows something about Gruen wristwatches? I have tried looking up what mine is called or its birth year but have found no photos of similar Gruen watches.

The panel cover is bevelled.

Came across these interesting looking Tsingtao recently.

Probably the same beer in novelty packaging for Chinese new year.

Pub session the other day. I like New England IPA but it’s not so common here yet. Is it the US? Or is it not a popular style? Got my bottle filled with Endless Summer to take home for the weekend.

Today at home, drinking it as we speak. I was hoping to taste more cedar wood but it’s too subtle.

A UK brewery, oatmeal pale, low alcohol.

Lidl now has some UK beers from time to time. 2 bottles of of each kind.


Drink stall at the market. The IPA is the only thing I wanted to check out, though. Brussels Beer Project tap room is only open from fri-sat so I drank one beer here.

Half litre plastic cup (already half way through when I made the photo).

Went straight to Cantillon brewery as I couldn’t check in until a certain time. Not my first time but it’s always good to drink there. They have different offerings depending on seasons and availability.

So busy, hardly anywhere to stand or sit. The place is small and not meant to be a pub.


I found a spot to put my glasses down.


Board lists what’s available for take-away. I got a grey T-shirt (hung behind the man) and 3 bottles. Just put on the shirt this morning, smells of wild yeast!

From where I stood. A steady stream of visitors kept coming through the door and as they exited the tour (on left).

Many people take photos in front of the brewery.

Their famous logo.

After the market and Moroccan pastries we went to a pub a block away.

Finally, a competent French brewery! Very nice imperial stout. The Cantillon lambic IPA is interesting.

What a lovely little pub. I went to the second location of this original pub a few years back. That one is more central, bigger, has many more taps but it’s absolutely full of tickers (beer tourists who go there mostly to “rate” beers and make photos for their social media accounts).


We sat right behind the window, turns out it’s nice as a frame for my photos. An emotional moment for the young woman. She was wiping her tears.

I’m not the only one who makes beer photos. Young men do it, too.

Scene on the terrace. Too bad the windows were open, that means when everyone smokes you also inhale their cigarettes. That’s why we couldn’t stay long.


It’s time to pay. I noticed a sunny spot on the counter as I was waiting to settle my bill.

When we arrived only a couple of tables were occupied. When we left the terrace was all full. Awesome little pub, I will return for sure at another time.

Some recent beers.

Session IPA from Adnams my favourite English brewery.

One of the best stouts I’ve had for a long time.

Nice malty IPA again from Adnams.

A new beer shop has opened near me. The missus loves stout and peanut butter. Average stout and had a stale peanut after taste.

Session IPA, not overly hopped.

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Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2