BEER - What did we drink (today/recently)?

A UK brewery, oatmeal pale, low alcohol.

Lidl now has some UK beers from time to time. 2 bottles of of each kind.


Drink stall at the market. The IPA is the only thing I wanted to check out, though. Brussels Beer Project tap room is only open from fri-sat so I drank one beer here.

Half litre plastic cup (already half way through when I made the photo).

Went straight to Cantillon brewery as I couldn’t check in until a certain time. Not my first time but it’s always good to drink there. They have different offerings depending on seasons and availability.

So busy, hardly anywhere to stand or sit. The place is small and not meant to be a pub.


I found a spot to put my glasses down.


Board lists what’s available for take-away. I got a grey T-shirt (hung behind the man) and 3 bottles. Just put on the shirt this morning, smells of wild yeast!

From where I stood. A steady stream of visitors kept coming through the door and as they exited the tour (on left).

Many people take photos in front of the brewery.

Their famous logo.

After the market and Moroccan pastries we went to a pub a block away.

Finally, a competent French brewery! Very nice imperial stout. The Cantillon lambic IPA is interesting.

What a lovely little pub. I went to the second location of this original pub a few years back. That one is more central, bigger, has many more taps but it’s absolutely full of tickers (beer tourists who go there mostly to “rate” beers and make photos for their social media accounts).


We sat right behind the window, turns out it’s nice as a frame for my photos. An emotional moment for the young woman. She was wiping her tears.

I’m not the only one who makes beer photos. Young men do it, too.

Scene on the terrace. Too bad the windows were open, that means when everyone smokes you also inhale their cigarettes. That’s why we couldn’t stay long.


It’s time to pay. I noticed a sunny spot on the counter as I was waiting to settle my bill.

When we arrived only a couple of tables were occupied. When we left the terrace was all full. Awesome little pub, I will return for sure at another time.

Some recent beers.

Session IPA from Adnams my favourite English brewery.

One of the best stouts I’ve had for a long time.

Nice malty IPA again from Adnams.

A new beer shop has opened near me. The missus loves stout and peanut butter. Average stout and had a stale peanut after taste.

Session IPA, not overly hopped.

Some more beers I had recently.

Had this at a Chinese restaurant. Perhaps the most tasetless and watery beer I’ve ever had. I’d never seen it before so I had to try it.

One of my favourite beers from the US. Showing it’s not all about hop monster IPA’s

Quite nice oatmeal stout but there’s much better out there.

Another Adnams beer again, Ghost Ship. A typical English bitter but with some hoppiness reminiscent of US IPA’s but not overdone. In my top 10 favourite beers for sure.

It had turned cold so I wanted something dark. My favourite Chimay.

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This 1996 “Old Blue Granite” barleywine ale, from Blind Pig Brewing in Temecula, CA (no longer in business). I stashed a sixpack of it in the cellar when it was released and after 22 years it’s still excellent. Any harshness from the hops has mellowed away, leaving a polished and earthy brew.

I still have a bottle left, and a big set of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot from subsequent years. I 'm a little sorry I stopped saving a sixpack a year of Bigfoot about ten years ago.


I remember those but I could never have a bottle of beer setting around 20 years. :slight_smile:

I’ve been drinking this the last few months:
I love the Blood Orange :tangerine: with the Wheat.


Split a Westbrook key lime pie Gose brought back from a friend’s trip to SC. Tart and fresh - would be refreshing by the pool/beach.

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Beer pron.

I hadn’t realised there were 2 bottles of 2004 in my stash. Next time then.

Sometimes I get a gusher.

Tanker is from Tallinn, Estonia. Don’t care for white IPA, but love NEIPA and non soapy IPA.


What’s that?

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A deliberate misspelling of p o r n :innocent:

Just came back from the pub with the partner. I should unload beer photos from the camera more often.

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The partner and I usually go to the pub together on Saturday on the way home from the market.

Half way through


It’s a small new brew pub 6km from my house.

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I go to my other regular pub on a specific day of the week. Alone.

There are many styles of beer nowadays and I usually try them all but bitter, cloudy (well-made) IPAs and NEIPAs are still best for me.



And some beer sat home previously. Lidl has country or cuisine themed weeks sometimes and this is sold during “UK week”. Something like that.


They named a beer after Betty Ford??

Yes, apparently. Not much info about this beer or the brewery which is in Belgium. I like red ale but it’s not popular and even harder to find a good one.

They are located somewhere between Brussels and Liege.

Fieldwork the Dopeness IIPA. It’s dope. Juicy and a little tropical.


Nice shot. Looks like a NEIPA. I love juicy, tropical, cloudy (DDH) NEIPA.

Haven’t had craft beer on tap thus far, saves for the 2 amateurish ones dispensed from a portable rig in Tavira, Portugal. Looking forward to drinking real craft beers on tap in the big city tonight. I’m off to Sevilla this afternoon.


I often pop into a pub for a quick pint on my way home. The one not far from the station serves a great pint of one of my top 3 beers, which is Ghost Ship by Adnams . Unfortunately it was closed so I popped into one nearby ( halfway between the station and where I live ) which I don’t normally frequent. It turns out they serve a top notch pint of another of my top 3 beers, Landlord by Timothy Taylor.

The pub nearest my flat happens to serve my very favourite beer Harveys Best Bitter by Harveys. Unfortunately they don’t keep their beers all that well but I should no a mini pub crawl soon while they’re all still serving my three favourite beers,

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