[bangkok] trip report


(Jimmy ) #21

That is not a pretty picture…


I follow the hole in the ice cube rule when in doubtful areas. A hole in the ice should confirm the cube was formed in a plant using safe water. At least that’s the hope. I think you probably already know this theory.

When in sketchy countries, I preempt with the Pepto Bismol regimen. I have to. Despite my cautious side warning be careful, I usually toss caution to the wind once I hit the ground. Thus the absolute need to take proactive measures. I also carry doctor prescribed antibiotics, just in case. I’ve been hit hard about three time over the years. Last time was three years ago in London, of all places. So my fear is not imaginary.


We got very sick several times in France, once after eating in an Italian restaurant in Marseille, once after a Russian restaurant in Paris, another time, only I was sick, partner was ok, a restaurant in l’Île-Saint-Louis, Paris (it’s closed now). The other time was due to raw oysters.

We always worry to get sick with street food in Asia, actually we should be more worry with the closed kitchens back in the so called “civilised countries”.

(Peter Chang) #24

Actually Jay Fai is closed until further notice, as Sister Mole has been in the hospital with a hand bandaged up. I have heard (unofficially) that the problem may be quite serious and permanent…

I hope, of course, that is just a rumor and she will make a full recovery.

(Peter Chang) #25

As you know, I’ve never used forums like these to write detailed reports on my meals/trips. All of that info is already on my blog/FB/IG, so it seems pointless just to repost them in their entirety somewhere else…

I use forums mostly for Q/A and banter…