Asturias on a Monday

Interesting. I wonder how the locals feel about this. It just didnt strike me as the fixed menu type.
We still talk about this meal many yeas later. And Casa Marcial

It will be interesting as well as to how the locals feel about the changes, as Dulce has decided to go more upscale in both menu and décor.
But she has wisely kept the popular traditional dishes on the new 45-euro short menu, although I understand that they will rotate.

Speaking of Casa Marcial and the Manzano family…

Dulce’s husband, Nacho Manzano, has opened a gorgeous, “get away style” 23-room hotel/restaurant, also very much at the “end of the road”, in a truly stunning, secluded Sierra del Sueve location.
It’s the NARBASU.
(Narbasu means “dried corn stalk” in asturianu).

It’s a re-do of the 14th century Asturian palace, the former Palacio de Rubianes. Here his sister Esther and nephew Chus are in charge of the dining.
Here they serve an a la carta menu, gastronomic menu and also a traditional menu, featuring the family’s famous dishes like the tortos, fabada and pitu.

They’ve turned the former 9-hole golf course into a vast vegetable garden. It received a green star designation from Michelin for sustainability this year.

The hotel makes for a stunning wedding or retreat venue. It’s surrounded by silence and by views of both the Sueve and Picos de Europa.
We were fortunate to check it out on our last trip, and both the setting and the hotel are gorgeous (but it is remote).

However, hotel guests also can avail themselves of a free transfer to dine at Casa Marcial.

Here are photos of some of the dishes-