Are you a C-Store denizen?

Boudin is a nearly off the charts per capital convenience in SW Louisiana (even without counting gas stations):


Èpicerie is the word for grocery store in Quebec. Some do have hot tables, and some are quite small compared to a typical chain grocery store.
Here’s a recent article about the dépanneurs during Covid

Of course, sales are up at the small èpiceries and chain grocery stores, as well as at the dépanneurs, these days!

Quite a few small restaurants in Toronto have become a hybrid of a takeout restaurant, bottle shop and corner store, to make ends meet. Before Covid shut things down, restaurants couldn’t sell cocktails, wine or beer to go. I’ve noticed some gas station marts have liquor and beer available now, which is also new here.

Quite a few Toronto-resto turned bottle shop/corner store have Instagram feeds marketting their goods. Like this one.

Here’s a popular upscale bottle shop/convenience store/resto in Montreal.

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Wawa rocks. In its original road stop form and in hybrid version today. The one built in the area recently is more grocer than ever. A family of six would be wise to stop there than many other convenience and fast food joints.

The muffins are great. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone else.


I recently read an article about the founding family of Wawa. Seems this family’s ethics came out of a different book than the one Sam Walton read. :thinking:

This is the link for Cedar Grill Café , a takeout restaurant located at a gas station in Del Mar, just north of San Diego, convenient to the I5. I was impressed with my sandwich, and his chicken looked amazing.

Is Sam Walton et al spotless?

Don’t typically stop at C-Stores, except when on the road, but I’ve had some excellent food at a random few. Specifically, when I was living and working in Utah, there was a place just up the road from work that made excellent fried chicken and JoJo potatoes. That was a quick lunch to eat in the park. Also as someone mentioned upthread, in Louisiana, Boudin. Around the Lafayette area, everyone seemed to know the C-stores had the best.

In my relative neck of the woods, corn dogs on the way to the Oregon coast. Much better than state fair type, IME, anyway.

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I’m 414 miles from the closest Wawa (the 2 locations just south of Scranton) . I’ll have to check one out next time I visit a state that has them!


I do miss Wawa’s from my college days in Philadelphia, even if the I’m campus Wawa’s were kind of gross. I had lunch at Wawa’s at least 2-3 times a week when I was a student. :grin: I go to Philadelphia for work on occasion, and the new ones in center city are far nicer and more stuff too.

I guess the Boston area ones just aren’t that impressive. I also find myself running into a local CVS or even Walgreens to pick up snacks more than a convenient store. My visiting Australian cousins were so confused why our pharmacies served as convenience stores too. :joy:

And jumping from the other thread, not only in Japan, but convenience stores in Taiwan and Hong Kong are equally fun with some good foodie finds if you ever visit those areas.


I buy the Wednesday New York Times for their food section at our local 7-11. Really nice people!