Aquafaba - V/V-friendly uses for the liquid from canned beans

(Connie) #21

I’m curious too!

(Dan) #22

My wife was hoping fresh would be better than canned too. So far, the bean taste even with extract was overwhelming so she is sticking with canned until she figures it out or someone else does. For desserts, you wind up using alot of sugar…in case anyone has issue with that.

(Connie) #23

That’s interesting! I used fresh (no idea what ratio, it just looked like the stuff from cans) and the bean taste was too distracting. I actually haven’t tried canned; I’ll have to try with extract!

(Dan) #24

With leftover bean broth from a batch of homemade hummus, I have a aquafaba meringue going in the toaster oven baking low and slow. :crossed_fingers:it works for desssert.

(Dan) #25

Epic fail. The liquid whipped up perfectly but it deflated in the oven well before it had developed a crisp exterior and chewy center.

(ChristinaM) #26

I make a low-cal but very tasty white bean dip that includes about 2/3 of liquid in the can. It helps make it process-able and smooth without added fat.


Oh no! Did you add creme of tartar? Also, were your beans salted? Salt decreases the stability of whipped egg whites, and I would suspect aquafaba too.

(Dan) #28

Yes to cream of tartar but if salt matters, I think that could be the problem. My wife usually makes this and I tried surprising her but it was a deflated mess so I tossed it. There was only a small amt of bean liquid to use but it whipped to about 2 cups. Looked good going in the oven…

(ChristinaM) #29

I was wondering about the failed meringue you mentioned; this makes more sense.

(Dan) #30

Are there canned chickpeas that dont contain salt?

(Dan) #31

Ok I just found several canned no salt brands. Next time…


Della Fatoria in Petaluma has a delicious bean and Whipped goat cheese toast topper that I’ve managed to make vegan. I puree beans in a food processor with olive oil and oil cured olives, move it to a bowl, Whip up the bean water in the food processor, then fold some of it into the bean purée.