Anyone Doing HVRW? [NY]

(Bill) #21

Looks great! We might have to go since my wife love’s Peter’s Red Velvet cake and we never seem to get there when it’s on the menu.


(Gwenn) #22

Hm, you have that problem a lot!!! :slight_smile:


(Bill) #23

Well, in this case it’s been on the online menu but then isn’t on it when we get there. Then they told me to ask for it when I make a reservation. I did, and they STILL didn’t have it!

They didn’t have the pudding for brunch at The Cookery today (but the chocolate polenta was excellent). Maybe they will have it for dinner next Saturday.


(Gwenn) #24

I hope so!!!


(tracey) #25

Went to Freebird Kitchen in White Plains the other night. I wouldn’t recommend it. Everything was just ok, nothing stood out. Everything lacked seasoning, or was just a bit off…I had dinner with a friend and we split everything. I tried the calamari, it was heavily coated in cornmeal, so that’s all you tasted. The dipping sauce was just chunks of tomatoes, so when you dipped, you didn’t get any sauce. The Caesar salad lacked any real taste except for parm cheese, it could have used some fresh pepper and a dash of vinegar.
For the entrees we split shrimp and grits and chicken and waffles. The shrimp were perfectly cooked, but the grits were gummy. The chicken was overcooked and dry, and the syrup had no kick to it.
We had both desserts, toasted Angel food cake and apple pie. I didn’t get any pictures of those. The apple pie was very good. The cake came with an overly sweet sauce and it was pink, so I’m guessing not meyer lemon like it said.


(Gwenn) #26

Nice pictures. Too bad the meal wasn’t as good as the pix!