Any recommendations for San Bruno or other near SFO?

Well, that didn’t go as expected. Unbeknownst to me, a mistake by the airline’s customer service cancelled my entire four flight round trip after I had my boarding pass and right before my first flight. Didn’t know it had been cancelled until I tried to board. The person at the boarding desk tried to restore it but wasn’t able to do it in time for me to board. They did restore the return trip portion, but I had to scramble to find flights to San Francisco which I was luckily able to do with a different airline. This was a very short trip (and not a pleasure trip) to begin with, and the airline snafu made it even shorter and generally made things difficult.

The upshot is that I had one late lunch, one breakfast, and several protein bars.

I ended up at Chibog in Daly City for the lunch. I really enjoyed the food there which was combo silog with grilled liempo, adobo chicken, steamed rice, & eggs and pork sisig & garlic rice. I liked the adobo chicken and liempo best, and my dining partner liked the sisig best, but everything was very good. First time for me to have calamansi juice, and I thought that was very nice.

Breakfast was from Mama Go’s at the airport before my flight out. Silog there, too, with longanisa, garlic rice, & scrambled eggs, and I added a side order of tocino. I enjoyed the tocino more than the longanisa, but both were good. The garlic rice there is much more garlicky than Chibog’s. I’m still impressed with the speed and quality of the food that can be had there.

Anyway, not a total loss, but not what I had planned for dining in the area. I did get to try several Filipino things that I had never had before.

Burmese next time, I hope.