Antoinette, Dominique Crenn's Brasserie in Berkeley

I am really glad i didnt have to muster up the willpower to finish the entire plate… Sounds tortuous. Theres nothing wrong with scraping aside the olives and eating the rest, at least the staff doesnt think “must have been good, they cleaned the plate”.

Well I’ll just feel smug at my prescience. It sounds like Mr. Tsai’s experience mirrored mine. Perhaps even without the ‘curating’, the place will transition to a good, rather than overreaching and frustrating, restaurant experience.

Having seen the stellar review for Commis in the Chron, I need to hit that again for my next splurge. I was thumbs up on most of the food the last visit, but sitting in that strange back hallway like space, my curmudgeonly gripe had been the depressing dim grey lighting / washed-out color palette.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold