Acme Super Markets in NJ S*ck


Where does amazon prime fit into your shopping equation, if at all?

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I have three Shop Rites (all Saker) within 10 minutes of my house. The “world class” variety. Their prices too are exorbitant, though not quite the pound of flesh Acme was asking for those clams. I find I always leave the Hazlet and Middletown locations pissed off. The parking lots are like trying to drive through a minefield, and depending on which way you live, it is simply impossible to get out of the Middletown one. The prices are ridiculous, and people always seem to be walking around in a fog. I work in Aberdeen a lot, and find that Shop Rite to be superior. Not as many people, and a parking lot a little safer than Iraq in the Bush administration.

Then in Hazlet, the people from PNC have the nerve to harass you while you shop, asking if you want to open an account, etc. Maybe I’m just being grouchy, but leave me the eff alone while I’m shopping. I want to get what I need and get out. Same thing when you walk in. Always someone asking for money. I like to think I’m a generous person, but there is such thing as overkill. I’ve funded enough baseball and soccer teams in four years shopping there that I should be part owner.

As I live on the Holmdel/Middletown border now (newly moved from Hazlet) in the Target area, I find myself shopping at the Foodtown in Port Monmouth (I think that’s the town). Prices are no lower but there are less people and I am in and out rather quickly. Not a big selection, though, that’s the downside.

Lose-lose situation. Grocery shopping is getting to become like buying gold. Prices keep going up, up, up.


So I think there are some ribeye fans here. Where do you get yours?

I like costco but 4 at a time is a little much everytime. I like some fatty cuts and they have some prime.

I like to support local butchers too but sometimes I’m in rush and want to get some veggies too.

Whole foods, since the amazon takeover, has 13.00 a pound nice ribeyes. They used to be 18 or 19. It seems like a good stop. They are nice cuts


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Me too, usually, except a couple of weeks ago they had a major sale on rib roast so I got one - I’m such a sucker for rib roast. It was pretty good - so was the price.


I use Amazon subscription services for paper towels, 5lb bags of whole bean coffee and baby stuff (diapers, wipes). I haven’t seen the need to use it for regular food shopping, but have ordered stuff from prime pantry before, but is a big pain in the butt to get it to exactly fill a box.


I just realized that we lived behind a terrible A&P not an Acme! That store was AWFUL. No wonder they closed.


Monmouth Meats always…he has produce too!

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Since I’m vaguely familiar with your commute to work, do you stop at the East Brunswick or Old Bridge Walmart. I will be the first to admit, prior to the Old Bridge Walmart opening, I was a cynic who gladly laughed at all the Walmart and their customer jokes - well call me Walmart-Born Again. Ever since the Old Bridge store opened I’m a complete Walmart fan, I will even admit I’ve purchased clothing there. (bathing suits, you’ve met me I’m not walking in most stores and finding something that fits right off the rack) Very impressed with the store.

@corvette_johnny I for one have never used Amazon for any food shopping. I’m becoming more and more enamored with Costco’s meat department, they truly carry excellent product at a price point that is hard to beat. You are correct their business plan dictates purchasing in bulk or quantity, thankfully for me I’m usually always cooking for a group so I don’t have that problem.

@gcaggiano I can’t agree more with you regarding the Shop Rite parking lots! Seriously WTF? I think I read on reddit one time that they use retired sudoku engineers to design them. Perhaps I’m a bit numb to prices since the wifey is the one who does coupon clipping etc. but I’ve never felt their prices were higher than others. One other thing I really enjoy about the 34 Hazlet (I always thought it was Matawan??) location was their cigar selection. When my office was on 79 in Morganville I would frequently stop there just for a cigar. The one thing that location lacks, which the two I go to have (Neptune and Long Branch) is a Liquor store.

@fershore Good ole’ Little Silver Family Pharmacy! We use to stop there frequently on our way to our beach club in Sea Bright, but now changed to Deal Casino so we don’t travel that way anymore. The Acme in in Little Silver is nothing more than an elaborate convenience store to me. You stop there for staples, milk, bread etc. but I could and would never do my daily or weekly shopping there. That store was outdated in 1960. (similar to the now closed 520 Marlboro store). There is an empty store next to the Walgreen’s there, it has been empty 15+ years, think it was a card store. That location is screaming for a Dunkin Donuts, since the nearest options are over the bridge in Sea Bright, Shrewsbury Ave, or Red Bank, I contacted the landlord about 10 years ago with the proposal, I don’t own a Dunkin Donuts but I didn’t let that deter me, and he wouldn’t hear a thing about it. {{shrugs}} Yes, we must live very near each other.

@chowdom “For the most part my local Acme is terrible, with meat prices bordering on obscene” YEP! Preaching to the choir my dear.

So glad my little rant drew so many common responses. lol


If you guys think Acme in LS is bad you obviously have never been to Fair Haven…

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Hahahahahahaaaaaaaa…you know what you are so right. My Dr’s. office is across the street and honestly I look at that Acme market like I use to look at the haunted house in Long Branch when I was 10 years old. I just stand there and stare from across the street, but I would never step inside.


I wish it would change but it has literally been there since the '50s and not going anywhere soon.


As far as grocery staples, I use Amazon Prime for cases of tissues and napkins and for Kind bars, vitamins, Claritin, baby aspirin, cat litter, cat litter receptacles, probiotics.


It’s so funny that you referred to Acme as an elaborate convenience store! I was telling my husband about the thread and he said coincidentally had commented that it’s just an overpriced 7-11. I’ve been wondering for years what will replace Gift Winds. Walgreens expressed interest in expanding into it but apparently the family trust didn’t bite. No no no to DD. The traffic would ruin the area.

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My terrible Acme used to be a terrible A&P!

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In case any of you guys care, I recently found out that Costco knife tenderizes their steaks and technically you’re suppoesd to cook them to 160… not sure how I feel about this. I mean I’m sure the risk of disease is minimal, but it has happened apparently.

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Me too! Never even walked into the one further N on 18.

Sometimes at 6 am on a weekend I am there getting a few things too.


Looks like the only one who really likes ACME is Wylie Coyote - he used to get everything from ACME.


I’m pretty sure this is only for some crappier cuts like brisket, bottom round, etc…from my experience. I’ve never seen a ribeye or porter/strip pierced up. Maybe now they do though…haven’t been in while.

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You won’t see the cuts, but if you check the label it will tell you. It’s basically all beef that’s not cryo. Google “Costco blade tenderized” and you’ll see.