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How about a South Florida board?

It’s likely been suggested already, but any interest in a dedicated section for BBQ?

There’s a section on baking/sweets in the Cooking Discussion forum, so maybe it fits in? Cooking with fire is a bit of a distinct technique like baking and perhaps worthy of a dedicated section(?)

I’m new and only a cooking hobbyist so merely asking respectfully.

@sck we recently received this request.

Thanks for your interest @Respectfully_Declined and @NotJrvedivici!

Generally whether there is a new board depends on the community’s interest/ activity level on the topic covered by the board. Let’s say if there is a high amount of existing discussions about the topic where it makes sense for us to carve that topic out into its own board, and for it to be able to sustain itself over time with daily activities. (A quiet board, like a quiet party, is no fun, and discourages further discussions.)

How about this: why don’t you first start some bbq topics that you are interested in, and let’s gauge the response after that?


I’ll add that in my experience one or two people committed to a topic area can generate a fair amount of enthusiasm by committing to regular posting.

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The feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold