A Taco Journey - Delicious, Smoky Carne Asada, Juicy Al Pastor, Luscious Carnitas, Seafood Tacos and More! Tire Shop Taqueria, Villa Moreliana, Flaco, Holbox, Metro Balderas, Tacos La Guera and More [Thoughts + Pics]

Hi @js76wisco,

Thank you. :slight_smile: Yes, as Jeet mentioned, it’s Colossus Bakery. Yes I’ve tried them a few times, there’s a reason I haven’t written about them yet.

But they do make one thing really well and I’ll try writing that up soon. :slight_smile:

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Right? :slight_smile: So good! Chori-Man is crazy good.

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Even more intriguing. It’s quite a schlep to that area for me so maybe I’ll back burner this trip.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold