A report on the new Uni (Boston, MA)

Hamersley’s was the first restaurant I ate at in Boston with my (now) husband. That was over 20 years ago . . .

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I’ve been interested in trying Uni since reading Kara’s post months ago, and I finally made it a couple of weeks ago and loved it. We also started with the Chinese celery and mushroom salad, and the flavors were so bright; it was a great start to the meal.

Everything we had was wonderful, but the ones that I’m still thinking about were salt and pepper squid (so light, and I loved the little bits of heat from sliced chiles) and brussels sprouts with nuoc cham (savory and addictive).

We ordered mostly hot plates, and I was actually surprised at how large these small plates were; the prices for these seemed very reasonable. And, as someone who doesn’t eat a lot of meat, I appreciated how many interesting vegetable preparations there were.

Thanks, Kara, for your original post!

I reviewed the new UNI for The Improper Bostonian a few months back, quite like it: http://www.improper.com/food-drink/leap-of-faith-2/

I especially appreciate its ability to accommodate a weeknight dining budget, where the old Clio/Uni was an occasion-only kind of place (but for the occasional late-night ramen). I’ve been back six or seven times this year.

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Just saw that Chef (and co-owner) Tiny Messina will leave Uni and move to California- will be interesting to see what that means for the future of Uni