A question to those who tour abroad. About reservations.

FWIW, this is the company who we booked our last South Africa trip with. You’ll see that they are very much focussed on “tailor made” individual holidays so the plans can be adapted. I noticed they also include Sri Lanka, so it may be worth making contact or, at least, having a look at how they operate.

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@jammy thanks, please visit some day.
@Harters thanks for the link. It seems they already have an operator here but I’ll contact them too. Something will work I hope. It needs some hard work convincing the agencies but a few solid tours, when I get an assignment, would ensure a good reputation.

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When it comes to booking tours abroad, I usually prefer to pay a percentage upfront to secure my reservation.

I’ve never heard of that. I’ve encountered places that ask you to pay in full to reserve, but none that asked for a “down payment.” What restaurant are you thinking of that does this?

Hafymden mentions tours, rather than restaurants, as the original question. I havent heard of it either for tours. As for restaurants, a number of my local restaurants take a small deposit at the time of reservation (although more just want a credit card number to secure, advising they will charge if you are a “no show”). One place in town does require full payment in advance - which, with their lead time for tables, means they have your money for about 3 months.

(Welcome to the forum, Hafymden. Hope you enjoy your time here).

So they do! My reading comp needs work.