A primer on Brazilian food in [Long Branch, NJ]

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Que? No comprede!?!?

My first (and only) time here I brought my son and we went with the intent on causing some serious skirt steak damage, and we did! I gave the buffet a quick pre-view but besides perhaps a piece of chicken I don’t think we took anything off the salad/buffet bar. Since that visit (my son now away at school) I can’t get either of the women in the house to come with me. (quick funny side story, my daughter decided she wanted to do rodizio with the boys on a trip to Fernandez about 6 mos. ago…she got the meat sweats and hasn’t really eaten red meat since lol )


Is antonia’s still open?

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Long story short wound up at Rodeio mostly because of this thread last night. Another long story short, I’m less than impressed. The rodizio was good, but the selection of meats was fairly limited, tasty but limited. Also only one person serving for the entire place. The food from the kitchen though was particularly poor.

My wife got chicken piccata and I can’t even describe the messy piccata goopy gravy or lemon grits it was served over. Whatever it was it was gross.

The other couple we were with the wife got a chicken rice and vegetables dish, it wasn’t very good either. Frankly it looked like it was cut out of a microwaved bag and dumped on a plate.

I would take Sabor over this any day of the week and Fernandez is heads above it. It’s been 10-12 years since I had been here and it will be just as long before I go back.


I haven’t done much investigating, but a new rodizio place opened in Belmar. YESTERDAY. All I know is it’s really close to/across from the liquor store that sits on Main St in front of Jersey Shore BBQ, which is where we were. My friend went over to pick up some beer and the guy at the liquor store said “Hey-one of those Brazilian meat places where they come around and bring you more of what you want just opened over there–3 hours ago!” @NotJrvedivici you’re in charge of further intel. :slight_smile:


You’re not supposed to get dishes there lol. It’s 100% rodizio. That’s weird that they had limited meats. When I go they have all types of stuff and I actually ask them to cook meats certain ways. For example, they will take some bacon wrapped filet and crisp up the bacon on the bottom rack if you ask them. Obviously fernandes owns it.

@CurlzNJ do you know the name of the new spot? Good to hear there is some more rodizio in the area :slight_smile:


Costa BBQ looks like it’s the name after checking Google. @joonjoon we need some intel buddy. I might be able to get there this week but can’t promise.

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The brazilian place in Belmar is now open… the regular price is 40 dollars. That’s a pretty shocking price for me. They are doing a 5$ discount right now…

Anyone want to take one for the team and check it out?


Holy cow. I think Fernandes 2 is like 42 but it could be more now.


this place is looking to be 34.99 per person in Belmar and it is called Flames. The pics look nice and so far the yelp reviews look good. At 34.99 this place looks like a deal compared to 31.99 Rodeio grill. I will definitely be trying this.




Have you been to Don beto’s? I forgot if I asked you or not

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I’ve been there. I’m not an expert on Papusas, but it was just decent for me. It’s a lot of food for the money, but I haven’t had any burning desire to go back. For my money I’ll take a taco or tostada type thing over them.


Yeah Im a newb when it comes to that cuisine. The red bank spot was pretty good but I feel like the Mexican spots are bringing the flavor.

My friend from mexico just bought me a bottle of valentinas hot sauce and I’ve been dumping that stuff on everything. It’s like the mexican version of franks. I could probably take a few shots of this stuff lol


I had this beast at notb. It’s called the azteca. There were two versions and I think they served me the wrong one since there were no shrimp but try this out. It is enough for two people… easily. Yes that pile on the left is a giant arrangement of different meats. It’s like 12 bucks. I think you’ll enjoy it. The chorizo, peppers and onions were probably the highlight of that dish. They are buried underneath there. The steak wasn’t great but for the price I didn’t expect it to be. I’m kind of snobby when it comes to beef. The pork was tasty.


There is a new sign in the “port chop” parking lot on the far right end that says “Brazilian.” It had a cattle head on the sign by I couldn’t read under the bull since it was too small and I was driving by. It ismt open yet…paper in windows. Does anyone know anything about this? I hope they make port chop drive down their prices which have sky rocketed.


So I purposely drove by here to check it out tonight. The sign says “Brazilian meat and more”…or something very close to that. So it’s not a restaurant but seemingly a Brazilian butcher shop/deli. Don’t quote me on that but as I drove by in the parking lot, it looked like a deli. I will try to stop here with one of my mechanics and take him to lunch. I have a feeling I’ll get a lot more intel and better food if I go with a Brazilian.


Just checked it out today, the name is Brazilian Meat Boutique & More.

Nice selection of imported products and ingredients from Brazil such as spices and sauces, that would normally be expensive off Amazon. Butcher for picanha and various meat cut needs. They even have a variety of baked goods and desserts, all provided by local Brazilian bakers.

I picked up a pave parfait from the cold section, which is a layered trifle cake in a cup, with coconut, chocolate, and cream. It was provided by a home baker, Caramelo Bakery in Long Branch. I also picked up some dende oil, to make a shrimp stew.

Another Brazilian grocery/butcher in the area is Pezao Casa. They have pretty similar products, although Brazilian Meat Boutique is larger. Pezao sometimes has limited specials, that they post on social media about, though, which are for cool finds such as jabuticaba fruit.

Lastly, I didn’t stop by, but a new Brazilian burger place opened up on Brighton Ave called Sergio’s Restaurant and Burger.


Thanks for the update. Did the butcher have any ribeye? That’s my choice of cuts : )

I’ll try to get a burger soon as well. I’m not sure which on interests me. Maybe I’ll start with a plain one and go from there.