A New Media

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Can you tell us more about your project? Right now there’s no content on the pages and just teasing.


I especially don’t enter my email when that’s the first thing I’m asked. Sketchy at best.


Yes! So we are building a social media dedicated to food, where you can share your own creations as well as view others, interact with friends and find inspiring meals! The web page is just a teaser to gauge some interest, so if you are interested please do sign your email below - we will not be sending out any unwanted emails ever.

I’m also likely to wait until you have developed things more.

In the meantime, I note your web address and that you spell in British English. Is your project intended primarily for a UK audience or a wider one? If the former, then Hungry Onion may not be a good “recruiting area” for you - most contributors are North American, with others like me being in a tiny minority.

I’ve completed your quiz.

Just out of curiosity what’s in this for Hungry Onion? We don’t mind people cross marketing their blogs or owners posting about their restaurants etc. but it’s generally a reciprocal relationship. So I’m just curious as to how this will enhance or what benefits it would being our members? Just coming here to harvest email addresses for a “teaser to gauge some interest” doesn’t seem to add any value to any members of our community.

So perhaps you can explain, “what’s in this for us”?

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In general, the way business works is that you make something, people buy, they like it, and you make a profit.

It doesn’t really work if we try skipping the “you make something” stage. :slight_smile:

Good impulse. Also a good idea when people’s command of terminology is suspect. ‘A New Media’? ‘Building a social media’? This is more than working in a second language. This is not understanding the world one purports to be entering.
But it is a great way to collect whatever data someone is willing to give up.

You don’t expect them to say “Hi, we are working on a competitor to Hungry Onion and we are looking to poach their customers”, do you? :slightly_smiling_face:

On the other hand, from what we can see, they might just be harvesting email addresses, though there are probably more productive ways to do that.

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Whatever their reason I’m surprised the thread has been left open this long. I fail to see any value for us/HO and I only see spam or worse for anyone who potentially shares their email.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold