A Middle Eastern Boomlet in San Francisco?

It’s not new, but Flying Falafel on Market St has pretty good Israeli style falafel. Whilst not close to perfect, it’s a lot tastier and crunchier than Sababa’s stodgy mess, and they have real amba and less watery tahini.

Update - Tahini stopped selling the meat by the pound on platters. Instead he made the “regular” platters a bit bigger. I preferred it the old way because it was easier for two people to share different meat options, but this way is decent also and less expensive.

They also changed the format of their menu – – it’s now organized as meat/falafel column, salad/sandwich column.

I keep returning for their falafel. He mixes up all of the sides and sauces together before putting it in the pita. Each bite is still a little bit different than the others, and it means no dry pockets and more synergistic flavors. This is in A-game compared to the more typical salad in an edible wheaten holder.

My specific order is the super falafel (I.e…, Eggplant and cauliflower ), extra spicy, light on the sauce, with fried jalapeños.