50th Anniversary last minute LA recommendation needed


The Little Door?

Michael’s (in Santa Monica)?

thank you great suggestions.

little door could be perfect for them

all three.

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I don’t know if they are up for a drive, but Saddle Peak Lodge would be perfect for them, but it is a trek though.

great idea too. maybe this is good for when we take them out so we can drive them.

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Osteria Mozza - if you ask for the one room in the back it is also not very loud


i’m passing on all the intel.

prob not great for them but could be for me any report on

How about Jar?

good spot. candidate for best fries in town. and the lobster bernaise. also awesome hot fudge sundae. they would clearly need to take me.

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Jar is really pretty loud.

Little Door a good suggestion. Was there a few months ago with my own in laws and was good for it.

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thanks for the info

The food at Lulu’s at the Hammer Museum is simply prepared but in an upscale manner. Not sure if they might find the environs to be too casual (and driving in the Westwood area can be a bit difficult, if you are not familiar w/ it and if they are older).

I haven’t been myself, but Melisse x Citrin or Rustic Canyon might work (if Santa Monica is not too far).

hi thank you ! passing it on.

they are still deciding lol.

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The elders have spoken. Jar.

i’m sure i’ll get a report from friday. cheers all.


But you’re going as well, right?

negative. it’s their “date night”

we are taking them to huntington gardens then chinese food sgv saturday.

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Just be warned it’s Chinese New Year this weekend.

SGV will be a madhouse. More than normal madhouse, that is.

thanks! probably also means some cool stuff at the chinese gardens at huntington if memory serves me…

thanks everyone.

Jar was a success and I think my recommendation and taking them to the huntington today helped earned some baby sitting services for my own anniversary next month.

The service first and foremost was reportedly great and they found some special wine they liked (sancerre) and located them well and pampered them. they liked the atmosphere which is sorta nordic steakhouse adjacent they are nordic. was quiet reportedly. Steak frites lobster bernaise hot fudge and caramel sundae. this is so unlike them to eat like that. also expensive for them like 200 for the meal but they didn’t mind a special occasion. i’m glad they lived it up. they are already talking about returning there that’s always a good sign.

cheers and thanks for the looking out !


So glad they had a wonderful time!

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