26 West in Red Bank NJ

Thanks for taking one for the team jr.

Corn lol… https://youtu.be/KM2mqaaAdg4

I had their Bank Burger for lunch and enjoyed it very much. I also had a bite of raw tuna that was pretty good as well.

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We did drinks and snacks here yesterday afternoon. I recommend it. Good drinks, beautiful space overlooking the river. I think we had 3 drinks each (which explains why we walked out feeling FINNNNNNNE), split an oyster app (yum), 4 raw oysters, 4 raw clams and an order of fries. I think the total was around $80?

I feel like RB in general just needs a refresh. I want to see something new and push it a bit. They do a nice job here. I really hope they stay in business. It was very quiet for a Sunday, but was starting to fill up a little closer to dinner time.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold