2024 Food Garden

My dog was barking at the fireflies up here in southwestern Ontario, last night. I saw dozens, the most I’ve seen in years.

First favas tonight.


Nice! I made some fava bean pesto last week.
What will you do with yours?

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Maybe this should have its own thread, but I’m putting it here for now


Way cool, very Maslow’s Hierarchy needy.

Reminded me of Clavell’s King Rat.

Oh, wow. I’ve done some work with incarcerated folk. I would love to be able to help out with this.

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Article is old but it was on Bittman’s Insta today

Thanks for sharing it.

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Nice story!

Our local Master Gardeners program tried to work with the local juvenile hall a few years ago, but the clearances were a bit overwhelming at the time. I hope someone has tried more recently.

I noticed some last evening as well and thought to myself that it’s been several years since I saw one.

The improvement in the weather is making all the difference. Today’s pick:

Summer scallions:

Loose leaf lettuces:

Washington strawberries:

Shelling peas:

Washington asparagus:


Back to cold and blustery weather today, and for the first time we’re having an issue with birds in the strawberries. :angry: Grrrr…

I wish I could post a scratch-and-sniff! The earthy aroma of freshly harvested produce is so intoxicating. But then, you knew that! :slightly_smiling_face:

Today’s pick:


Those strawberries are spectacular.

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Our pride and joy. We’ve grown them for decades.

Most of our strawberry beds are covered with bird netting; these particular ones we have never covered and never had issue. I guess the local robins finally figured it out. We were out covering those beds this afternoon hoping for a fix. :strawberry:


My SO has tried so many times to grow strawberries, both on our balcony in Manhattan and at our place upstate. Maybe this will be our year! Upstate, if we’re lucky, we get wild strawberries from around our pond, but they are tiny and it’s kind of a crap shoot. Because bears. Because birds.

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I love hanging out with my balcony plants.

And my balcony Airbnb guest.


Lettuce, basil and radishes


We accidentally had a baby robin get caught in our netting a couple years ago, and we got there too late. We stopped netting our black currants after that. I am not having luck with strawberries.

In eight seasons at our current location, we’ve lost one bird to bird netting. It’s heart breaking.

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I’ve been able to set at least 3 other birds free from the netting . Only one got stuck when we weren’t there. The berries used to draw so many birds to the property so we decided we didn’t need the berries that much.

We had tons of birds visit in 2020 and 2021. I don’t know why there are almost no birds this year, other than possibly the bird flu, and the neighbour mowing down the flora to close to the fence, possibly hurting the Killdeer nests.

We have more butterflies than we have had in decade.

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We once had a hummingbird nest tragedy that was hard to forget. Mom worked on the beautiful nest, laid eggs, hung on for dear life during a storm, and then poof; eggs gone. I told myself they hatched and flew away during the storm.

Right now there are turkeys nesting across the road. They are not discrete!