2023 Food Garden!

Similar on the east/west line to munchkin but about 2 hrs north. We are 8a and 8b. I’m not sure about my personal yard…

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I’ll start from seed, in little pots in a greenhouse. I’ll plant several of each variety at intervals over the course of several weeks, to hedge all my bets. Transplant them to containers or raised beds as dictated by growth and also weather expectations.

So far, there has been no predictable pattern as to whether the earlier (or later) starts out-perform the other, so I’m suspecting weather and temp has more to do with it.

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I also start from seeds. I’ve played with putting them in early and late. It’s the great tradeoff between cool/wet/slugs and dry/hot/aphids.

Slugs during cool weather I can tolerate. In any case, they don’t seem to cause us too much trouble.
Aphids are, in my opinion, a hopeless case and I try and shoot for an earlier harvest of things which are prone to warm weather pests such as aphids, rust fly, etc.

That said, you can try an OMRI-listed spinosad. We use it when infestation is above our tolerance level, and we are out of other options. Just be sure and follow the guidelines for frequency and timing around harvest.

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I don’t know. At first I thought somebody had thrown in some bermuda grass stolons from the patio next to it, but as it grew it looked different, so the next spring I pulled a couple up and smelled and tasted them. They’re little bitty bulbs, but hadn’t been cared for since the prior gardener left, except for the drip irrigation. There was a ton of them. I wish I knew their history. One big point- there’s a big shadecloth tarp over the raised beds, so that probably helped some with the temperature extremes.

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Aji Amarillo from seedlings grown from @bogman 's seed in 2019,

Look at the “trunk”! I think it’s about 4 1/2 years old!

These peppers are from December 2021

… setting fruit again, with daytime temps over 95 for most of the last two weeks!

Also pictured , at 1:00 o’clock is Bogman’s lemon grass, this year’s new pepper; Espelette,

“New” Scotch Bonnet wannabees, lemon cucumbers behind…

and the recovering Scotch Bonnet "Jean ".


First homegrown salad of the year!

-patio lettuce
-green pepper
-mystery heirloom cherry tomato variety (not very delicious :cry:)


Dressing choice?

I have some yummy olive oil so, olive oil and rice vinegar. Salt and pepper.

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First time growing Premio. I haven’t eaten any yet, but they look nice.



Finally; a cucumber flower with lady parts!

Also, serrano peppers.


Bowl of mystery tiny heirloom cherry tomatoes, coMpared to two (2) long-awaited heirloom black cherry tomatoes, which aren’t quiiiite ready to eat.


A bee I’ve not seen before!

Google Lens says it’s Megachile rotundata


It Does look like a Leafcutter or Mason Bee. Here’s a good read on CA bees.


Oh wow! I took so many pics of different bees when I had the tiny tomato farm during the pandemic, I should pull them out to see which ones they were!

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Green pepper big poppa, Roma tomatoes breaking color, the native goldenrod I planted last fall getting ready to bloom, my first Purple Cherokee for eatin.’


Perfect. Thank you !

Congrats. My P. Cherokees are still green.

Meanwhile, the first Shimmers and black cherries arrive.



My first artichoke didn’t blossom this year. I’m going to try to keep the crown indoors over winter, in peat moss.


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