2021 California Food Journalism and News [SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, the rest of California and Northern Nevada]

Petit Cafe, open Monday to Friday 7:30am to 2pm, 411 30th St., Oakland. 510.208.9418. petitcafeoak.com.

The bread that Vital Vittles churns out today is made from the exact same recipe that the Schwins first baked in ‘70s. Besides salt, honey, water, sunflower oil, yeast and gluten flour, which helps the dough rise, the standard loaves, dubbed “Real Bread,” consist of the company’s own freshly milled whole wheat flour. In the ‘90s, under Kass Schwin’s direction, the bakery also started baking vegan muffins, cakes, cookies and other health-forward treats with its signature flour. Vital Vittles sources its wheat from Arrowhead Mill in Texas. All of the ingredients they use, from wheat germ to oat topping, are organic.


2810 San Pablo Avenue,
north of Ashby Avenue

Retail sales - fresh/day-old
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00-3:00
(not open Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

But what sets One Plus apart from all the other local boba shops is its jianbing. This savory crepe is topped with a layer of scrambled eggs; sprinkled with green onion, cilantro and sesame seeds; slathered with a salty black bean paste, chili sauce and sweet noodle sauce; and then wrapped around a thin, crispy layer of a cracker (usually made with fried dough; Sha bakes hers) and lettuce. Growing up in Beijing, Sha said she often ate jianbing for breakfast, and wanted to bring that experience to Berkeley.

The jianbing at One Plus is different than traditional versions you’ll find elsewhere. The crepe mix is typically made with regular flour and mung bean, but Sha wanted to make her batter healthier. One Plus offers three different batter mixes, each including different milled grains, seeds and legumes, such as millet, “forbidden” black rice, mung bean, flax seeds, and wheat flour. Many of these ingredients are milled in house, and one of the three batters, made with ground chickpeas, brown rice and quinoa, is gluten-free.

“We want to introduce people to understand the ingredients behind the food,” Sha said.

Jianbing are made to order, and start at $13.50 each.

One Plus
2161 Allston Way (near Oxford Street), Suite C, Berkeley

One Plus is open noon to 8 p.m., Wednesday through Monday; closed Tuesdays.


I’ve had a lot of bags made by Steeped for different roasters, and I’ve found they all suffer the same problem of grounds at the bottom of the cup. But I guess that’s an issue with French press coffee too, and one of the reasons I prefer drip (via Chemex or Melitta).

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold