2021 California Food Journalism and News [SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, the rest of California and Northern Nevada]

from the Los Angeles Times -

Eve Batey in Berkeleyside -

Brandy Collins in Oaklandside -

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The “special” See’s candy for November, the Coffee Scotchmallows, are excellent. You can get them in milk or dark–I’ve only had the dark.


Hanukkah 2021 runs Sunday, Nov. 28 at sundown through Monday, Dec. 6 at sundown

Eve Batey in Berkeleyside/Oaklandside -

Paulina Barrack in Oaklandside -






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from YouTube -

NAPA VALLEY - Welcome to the beautiful Napa Valley, California - one of the premiere winery destinations in the United States! Today we have the special opportunity to go on the Wine Train, a historical railroad journey that’s been restored as a gourmet food experience. I’m going to share with you a little behind the scenes of what goes into the Wine Train, and all the delicious food on board!

former Bay Area-food writer Jon Kauffman -

Nursel sounds interesting. From Elena Kadvany in the SF Chronicle -

Nursel, San Carlos

This new San Carlos restaurant specializes in Russian, Uzbek and Kyrgyz cuisines. That means dishes such as Russian borscht and plov (a rice pilaf); lagman, an Uzbek soup with hand-pulled noodles and halal beef; and Kuurdak, a roasted meat dish from Kyrgyzstan. For dessert, there are layered Napoleon and honey cakes.

Nursel. Indoor dining and takeout. 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday. 601 Old County Road, San Carlos. 650-226-5163

Reichl to Substack -

Remember the fights over the coming of the wine train?
Good times. :sunglasses:

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo