2021 California Food Journalism and News [SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, the rest of California and Northern Nevada]

Luke in KQEDarts -

So what exactly do American barbecue and Mexican food look like when they’re combined together? Try Ruby Q’s barbecue brisket quesadilla—a soft, warm and decadently cheesy mixture of avocado, queso Mexicano, pico de gallo and, of course, a mound of lightly crisped, not-too-tangy brisket inside the gooey middle. You get a taste of both cultures in each mouthful. As a Mexican American from the Bay, I can honestly say it’s the most flavorful (and filling) quesadilla I’ve ever eaten. Sorry, abuelita.

The barbecue brisket quesadilla is one of the highlights. (Briana Chazaro)

Ruby Q Smoke Fusion is open at 954 Fruitvale Blvd. in Oakland Wednesday through Saturday, noon–8pm, and Sunday, 1–8pm.

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What makes America great!
Combining 2 cuisines and making both better.

Correction: The article above, “Fruitvale’s Ruby Q…” is by Alan Chazaro, not Luke.

fron Oaklandside -




Taqueria Chef Tony, from former Saigon Deli Sandwich & Taco Valparaiso owner Tony Torres, is now sharing space at Angiti Indian restaurant in downtown Berkeley. Credit: Frank Song

ANGITI/TAQUERIA CHEF TONY Thanks to a couple of tipsters, we learned of an intriguing new partnership in downtown Berkeley. Indian restaurant The Chef Kitchen is now sharing space with Taqueria Chef Tony. What makes this collaboration even more delightful is the fact that taquero Tony Torres once co-owned Saigon Deli Sandwich & Taco Valparaiso, a combination banh mi shop and taqueria. Nosh spoke to The Chef Kitchen owner Paramjit Singh, who said the unlikely partnership was a result of needing to make ends meet during the pandemic, but was excited to offer diners the opportunity to order Indian cuisine off his menu, along with quesadillas, burritos, tacos and bowls from Chef Tony at the same time. To make matters more interesting, Singh has recently changed his restaurant’s name to Angiti. Angiti/Taqueria Chef Tony, 2160 University Ave. (at Oxford Street), Berkeley

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Biotech Mogul Behind L.A. Times Says Papers Need Government Aid


"I’m not asking the government to do anything drastic, but they have to step in and find a way to support the viability of this whole industry,” he said. “There has to be a resolution to this inequality of usurping information and destroying, frankly, democracy, in the long run.”

In the U.S., legislation has been introduced that would let newspapers band together to negotiate revenue-sharing terms with Facebook and Google without violating antitrust laws. The Australian government passed a law this year that requires the tech giants to pay newspapers for their content.



Interesting thoughts there but it is a bit hard to feel sorry for billionaire crocodile tears.

He bought the LA Times as a civic project, as in LA needs a good newspaper. If he didn’t buy it, it would have gone down the crapper. …and it still might. His points about democracy are valid, despite him being a billionaire.

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For diners unfamiliar with Persian food, Dehestani sets up chafing dishes featuring her specialties, such as her hearty lamb shank stew (abgoosht), Cornish hen in sour cherry sauce (albaloo polo), hearty bean and noodle soup (ash-e-reshteh) and is happy to provide samples to taste. Although she is thrilled when people want to try new-to-them Persian dishes, she still wants them to enjoy her Mexican dishes too, especially her enchiladas in creamy tequila sauce, rojo pozole, chile relleno burrito and mole enchiladas.

Syma’s Grill is open noon to 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday; 5-9 p.m., Sunday.

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This vlogger also has quite a few videos of spots in Okland Chinatown -

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some Bay Area YouTube foodies -

This week, Jenn heads south to San Juan Capistrano to a new restaurant inspired by flavors of the Levant region, Mayfield. While Mayfield offers a lot of amazing dishes (including a Za’atar fried chicken) the dish we’re craving is the cauliflower shawarma. Tinted yellow from the turmeric in the spice marinade, this cauliflower dish incorporates flavors typical of a shawarma but in a vegetarian friendly format.

This week we’re loving the Sichuan chicken sandwich at Mei Lin’s new restaurant in Silver Lake (ok fine, Rampart Village). Daybird serves both chicken sandwiches and tenders in several heat levels, each unique in their spice blends.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold