101 Mom's Buffet (Willits)

Were you tempted to bring home a live free range goat?

Surely you kid? :slight_smile:

I think this restaurant was on the tv show, wild justice.

Wow, it looks like something went down in 2012 at that location. There have been lots of ownership changes since then though.

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The illicit abalone operation was perhaps the reason of Chinese Buffet’s existence? Not sure if 101 Mom’s is related. @Hyperbowler perhaps you should try to order abalone there and see how they react. Or pretend to go to the bathroom and see if you find something in the back. Try to stay alive in the process though.

Or perk up your ears when you hear someone boasting about their abs.

Warden Powers said the worst offender so far this year is See Ping Bob Ng of the Willits Buffet. The season had only been open for a month last year and already Mr. Ng had gathered 70 abalone. Powers got a search warrant and found 50 wet suits in Bob Ng’s possession.

Asian diners will pay a hundred bucks for a fresh abalone dinner.

“He’s a one-stop poaching shop,” Powers said of Ng. “And Deputy DA Tim Stoen is prosecuting him. He’s a real kingpin.”

Operation Ab Intercept

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Expanding his above comments, @chandavkl wrote a detailed essay about the historic relationship between casinos and Chinese food.


Thanks for providing the inspiration!


Closed according to Yelp.

Thanks to a new artery, the 101 no longer runs through Willits. I’ve no idea what, if anything, has replaced it.

Fans of Chinese food driving north might consider the secret menu 1 or secret menu2 at Szechuan Garden in Arcata or Jyun Kang for Buddhist vegetarian food in Ukiah. I’m not sure how well suited the latter is for the casino crowd.