1 or 2 nights in Boston -- historic ambiance w/ quality food?

I love Doyle’s. Been going there regularly since "84.

But I agree, the food totally sucks. Drink a few beers there and then head to other parts of JP to eat.

Agreed, and to add on to this, I wouldn’t go to Green Dragon or Cheers for food. Cheers (either location, Fanuiel or Beacon st) are not historical and are essentially designated tourist traps, but since you are will technically be a tourist, I can’t fault you if are curious to check it out. I will say though, if you skip it, you aren’t missing much.

Since you mention Locke Ober specifically, the new restaurant there, Yvonne’s, is a beautiful space in the same old Historic Building. The food, however, is not “old school,” I would consider it new American. It is not cheap, so if the food isn’t down your alley, maybe just grab a drink there and check out the building.


Thanks very much. I’m sure I’ve been to Cheers before, although I have no memory of it. I doubt if we’ll bother. It’s an old list and not everything is relevant. Thanks for letting me know about Yvonne’s – I’m checking it out right now!

this is a frightening statement

I second both Hungry I and Yvonne’s. Yvonne’s is a cheeky take on historic Lock-Ober - check out the paintings. From a distance they appear to be classic portraiture - but are something very different when you get close. I think the food doesn’t get sufficient love - we’ve been twice and had stellar meals both times. Baked oysters always seem to be on the menu - occaisionally as Oysters Rockefeller. We’ve enjoyed their “feasts” - e.g. Chateaubriand - and they make my SO’s favorite dirty martini.


Thanks for the Yvonne’s tip, where my fave, Locke-Ober held court for à century +…

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold